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Watch: Kari Lake Signals Hope In Arizona: ‘We’re Gonna Win This’

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Republican Kari Lake says there is still hope that her campaign will win in Arizona even though the race has been called in favor of Democrats Katie Hobbs. It was a tight race with some seemingly questionable issues at voting stations.

“I still have hope that we’re gonna win this. I want you to know that. This is not hyperbole. This lawsuit that we will be dropping is going to be devastating. I believe we will win this,” Lake told former Trump adviser Steve Bannon on an episode of his podcast, the War Room.

“You’re gonna win this,” Bannon assured.

“This is their absolute plan and it’s up in broad daylight and somebody’s gotta call it out. This stinks to high heaven and everybody’s going to be held accountable for this,” Bannon said.

Kari Lake to Steve Bannon: “I still have hope that we’re gonna win this.”

Bannon: “You’re gonna win this.”

Bannon went on to argue that Lake’s loss to Arizona Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs was illegitimate.

“They have disenfranchised Kari Lake, the citizens of Arizona, and disenfranchised the deplorables,” he added.

Hobbs emerged victorious after a very tight race with Lake as ballots were still being counted multiple days after Election Day.

Arizona’s assistant AG is currently investigating multiple claims of issues at the polls on elections day. Including 60 voting stations with printing errors.


“Arizonans know BS when they see it,” Lake tweeted after the outcome was declared by multiple outlets, implying that she was not yet ready to concede. Hobbs secured 50.4 percent — a total of 1,266,922 votes — to Lake’s 49.6 percent — a total of 1,247,428 votes — with 98 percent of the votes counted, according to the Associated Press.

Lake has been deemed a radical by the left-wing media as she joins the ranks of Republicans as an ‘election denier’. It’s interesting that questioning election results only seem radical when Republicans are the ones doing it. Hillary Clinton still openly denies the results of the 2016 election, and she is far from an outlier for Democrats.

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