Watch: ‘Evil Salesman’ Brags To Undercover PV Agent That He Smuggled CRT Into Classrooms

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The scandalous truth behind Critical Race Theory has been exposed with the release of a controversial undercover sting video. Quintin Bostic, a manager at Teaching Labs HQ, was caught on camera admitting he had broken Georgia law by selling his so-called Critical Race Theory curriculum to public school systems in the state.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is an academic theory that promotes the idea of racism in U.S. institutions and is not generally taught at the elementary or high school level. In April 2022, Georgia joined several other GOP-led states in banning schools from teaching “divisive” academic concepts about racism, which would include Critical Race Theory.

The video shows Bostic admitting he has sold the curriculum in the school districts of Georgia’s Fulton and Cobb counties and that it is being used in kindergarten. When asked if CRT was in the materials, he nodded in the affirmative. It was shocking to hear him admit that school officials have no clue what he’s selling them, and that he was taking advantage of this situation. He even called Republican Governor Brian Kemp an “idiot” for signing the ban into law.

It’s a disgrace that someone would use their position of power to deceive school officials and push their own agenda. It’s even more concerning that this type of curriculum is being taught to kindergarteners. It’s no surprise that the Democratic party is behind this movement, as they have been trying to push a false narrative of racism and oppression on the American people.


Rather than focusing on the real issues facing our country, Democrats are trying to push their own agenda and indoctrinate our children with their ideology. We must protect our children from this dangerous and divisive agenda. We must ensure that our schools are teaching facts and not promoting false narratives.

We should be able to trust school administrators to make the best decisions for our children. Unfortunately, this video shows that there are people out there who are willing to take advantage of the system and push their own agenda. It’s up to us to ensure that this does not continue. We must stand up for our children and make sure that they are getting the education they deserve.






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