Donna Brazile Furious With Biden: ‘Huge Mistake’

The meltdown of the Democrats over President Biden’s decision not to veto a congressional override of Washington D.C.’s soft-on-crime legislation continued Sunday, with ABC contributor and former DNC chair Donna Brazile scolding him to “not be engaged in D.C. affairs” on ABC’s This Week.

The Powerhouse Roundtable was taken aback by Brazile’s accusation that Biden’s refusal to intervene was a “huge mistake,” given that the D.C. code was written in 1901 and that there are no penalties for sexual assault and only three months for beating up a police officer.

Brazile then shifted the blame onto Republicans, implying they were merely “beating up on the District of Columbia” when they tried to prevent it from becoming an even more dangerous city.

But it was Brazile’s personal attack on Biden that raised eyebrows. She claimed that Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, “a little bit in her 80s too,” would have “stood up and said, hell no” if Biden had voiced his opinion in the House caucus.

“The President should not be engaged in D.C. affairs,” Brazile declared.

This is the same media that has been pushing the narrative that Biden is a “moderate” and “bipartisan” President. But when he’s praised by Republicans like Tom Cotton and Jim Jordan, they seem to take umbrage.

It’s clear that the media’s goal is to push a particular political agenda, one that is biased towards the Democrats and against the GOP. It’s no wonder that Brazile and others in the media are so upset with the President: they want him to be a puppet of the Left, and they don’t want him to stray from their narrative.

But the reality is that Biden made the right decision. The mayor vetoed the dangerous bill, and the council overrode the veto. It was up to Congress to step in, and Biden rightly chose not to get involved.

The attempted shaming of Biden by Brazile and the media is nothing more than a desperate attempt to push a political agenda. Instead of accepting the reality of the situation, they’re trying to manipulate the public into believing that Biden is wrong.


It’s time for the media to stop peddling political disinformation and biased reporting. The American people deserve better.