WATCH: Black Americans Debunk Liberal Talking Point That Voter ID Is ‘Racist’: ‘They’re Ignorant’

This is a two-part story, with the first part taking place in Berkeley in the year 2016 by Ami Horowitz. Horowitz took to the streets and asked white liberals if voter ID laws were racist and of course, this being Berkeley they agreed with the concept and gave their reasons why. basically, they all agreed that Blacks were too stupid to be able to use the internet. They also said Blacks don’t even know where the DMV is and they have no ID.

Horowitz caught all of this on video. Some of the comments include:

“These type of people don’t live in areas with easy access to DMVs and other places where they can get identification.” 

“For most of the communities, they don’t really know what is out there, just because they’re not aware, or they’re not informed.”

“If when we look at a swing state like Florida, that’s a huge population of the African-Americans.”

The second part of the story took place in Harlem in the NY borough of Manhattan. This was an effort to see if the Blacks living there did indeed not know how to use the internet and that they do indeed have IDs. They were insulted by what the white liberals said about them. The consensus is that the liberals are ignorant.

The Harlem residents had the following statements via The Daily Wire:

“I’ve had access to the Internet for years,” an insulted woman told Horowitz. “I [use] it at work! Of course I know how to use it. My kids know how to use it, they all have iPhones, iPads, whatever.”

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“What does that say to you for people that have this perception of black people?” Horowitz asked.

“They’re pretty much ignorant,” one man said.


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A woman similarly said, “I just think that’s ignorant.”

“Ignorant, very, very ignorant,” answered another female. “What people are they talking to? Who are these people talking to?”

“I think it is a little racist, because you’re putting people in a category and you have no idea what you’re talking about,” another person said.

“Maybe a little bit of racism in it, but like I said, I think it’s more stupidity,” one man told Horowitz.

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Wait … did they say it’s racists to need ID’s to vote ??? Are you retarded or what . You know damn well why you don’t want voters ID’s , stop with the racists card dumb ass . If you need a ID to buy smokes and Iam in my 60s why not to vote ??? Tell me what you don’t need a ID for … go ahead I’ll wait …. get your head out of your ass for once in your life . It might help you stop being a dumb ass racists . GOD … Where do they get these retarded ass holes

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