Watch: Bill Maher Takes On Ultra-Left Actor Bryan Cranston Over CRT

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Recently, actor Bryan Cranston and comedian Bill Maher had a heated debate on whether critical race theory should be taught in schools. During the podcast, Maher argued that America needs to take responsibility for its history of systemic racism, but disagreed with the idea of critical race theory.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is an academic approach that focuses on the effects of racism and power dynamics on society. It looks at the ways that racism and racial disparities are embedded in our institutions and how this affects our lives.

CRT has become increasingly popular in some schools as a way to teach students about racism and its effects. However, some are concerned that schools are going too far with this approach.

Maher specifically took issue with “introducing ideas about race that are inappropriate for kids that age who can’t understand it” and “telling 5-year-olds that you’re either an oppressor or someone who was oppressed.”

He also argued that the Second Amendment is rooted in racism and that this should be taken into consideration when teaching students about American history.

In response, Cranston agreed that there should be some topics and ideas that are off-limits from schools. He also pointed out that some states, such as Florida, are trying to do away with critical race theory in schools.

It’s understandable why schools would want to teach students about racism and its effects. However, it is important to make sure that the approach taken is appropriate for the age group and does not introduce potentially damaging ideas about race at too young of an age.


It’s also important to remember that there is more to American history than just racism. Schools should also be teaching students about the many positive aspects of our country, such as the freedoms and opportunities afforded to us by the Constitution.

The bottom line, it is important to make sure that any approach taken is age-appropriate and does not lead to potentially damaging ideas about race and our country.




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