Watch: Bill Maher Confuses Dem Congresswoman With SF Woke Reparations Plan

It’s no surprise that Bill Maher’s HBO Real Time segment with Elissa Slotkin left the Democratic Congresswoman stumped on the topic of “woke craziness.” In the segment, Maher and Andrew Yang were discussing Judge Kyle Duncan’s trip to Stanford where he was mobbed by a DEI dean-led mob, which eventually resulted in Stanford apologizing.

Slotkin’s take away from the event was that Duncan was “a fragile flower,” which is indicative of the liberal-biased reporters and the political corruption that has infiltrated our media. Maher then asked Slotkin about the reparations ruling in San Francisco, which was a plan to give $5 million in reparations to individuals and even buy them a house for $1.

This plan is absurd, and almost everyone can agree with that. It would cost every citizen in San Francisco left $600,000 each and, unfortunately, this plan is a representation of a larger problem of politicians being more interested in messaging than governing.

Slotkin never did answer Maher’s question and instead Yang claimed it was a “political statement.” This is the problem with the woke ideologies and the Democrats. They are not interested in actually solving the problem, but instead making a statement that will appease the public.

Instead of pushing for woke ideologies, we need to be pushing for conservative values. Values that are rooted in hard work, personal responsibility, and limited government. These are the values that will create a more unified and prosperous society.

It’s refreshing to see a late night host like Maher being able to call out the absurdity of the woke ideologies. We need more people in the media who are willing to speak out against the political corruption and the liberal-biased reporters.


It’s time to start holding our politicians and media outlets accountable for their actions and stop allowing them to push their woke agendas.