WATCH: Biden’s UN Ambassador: ‘White Supremacy’ In America’s ‘Founding Documents And Principles’

President Biden’s UN Ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, told the National Action Network that the United States has always been a white supremacist nation but that she has hope for the country because of Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter.

Can Biden’s picks get any worse than this. Can you see her agreeing with America’s enemies at the United nations? Maybe conservatives can win her affection if we loot and burn buildings and assault police, too.

Thomas-Greenfield is a terrible choice as our ambassador to the UN. We need an advocate who will fight for and not against our country. She is a globalist and expressed her opinion on this saying, it was “so important to engage on a global scale.”

Thomas-Greenfield called for “recommitting to multilateral institutions.”:

If we go it alone and retreat from the world, then we let existing inequalities fester. But if we engage, then we can push for change and demand justice. That’s why under President Biden’s leadership, we’ve been restoring our alliances and recommitting to multilateral institutions.

We rejoined the World Health Organization because we believed we can make the WHO smarter, nimbler, and more just by rolling up our sleeves and getting involved. We proudly rejoined the Paris Agreement because the only way to reverse the effects of the climate crisis is to join forces.

And we know that if we don’t act, poor communities and communities of color, especially in the Global South, will suffer the most. And we immediately [reengaged] with the UN Human Rights Council and have announced our intention to seek election to that body so that we can advance our most cherished democratic values around the globe.

She went on to say that this country was evil from it’s conception:

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Of course, when we raise issues of equity and justice at the global scale, we have to approach them with humility. We have to acknowledge that we are an imperfect union and have been since the beginning. And every day we strive to make ourselves more perfect and more just.


In a diverse country like ours, that means committing to do the work. It means learning and understanding more about each other. It means engaging trailblazing groups like yours to teach, to grow, to include, to improve. It means not forgetting our past or ignoring our present, but keeping both firmly in mind as we push for a better future.

In 1852, the great orator Frederick Douglass, who had been a slave, said this about our constitution:

I have said that the Declaration of Independence is the ring-bolt to the chain of your nation’s destiny; so, indeed, I regard it. The principles contained in that instrument are saving principles. Stand by those principles, be true to them on all occasions, in all places, against all foes, and at whatever cost.

Fire Thomas-greenfield and hire Frederick Douglas.

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Mike Noneed

Remove the surveys that want email addresses to get a vote on something we all believe and would like to do HOWEVER giving an email to vote causes thousands of UNWANTED EMAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why don’t all you homies go the fk back to Africa then. We’re all sick of your whining and your racist bull$hit.


TOTALLY agree, go back to Africa, where YOUR ANCESTORS, STARTED SELLING YOU !!!!!

William Brennan

The people of Africa don’t want them.

Pat O'Malley

That woman is despicable and a complete embarrassment to the United States. A total embarrassment. Please find a place to hide her.


Where did Uncle Joe find this POS?


In there Never Ending SWAMP !

Bob N.

Who is the dude in a the wig?






The Only One that Suck in this World is O’Brien , Democratic Socialist Party and Everyone in Joe China’s Administration.

Old wolf

Show’s just how stupid she is . A country isn’t racists , it’s people like her that live in the country that are racists . It’s what racists cry when they want something for free in the USA . Cause their to lazy to work for it . Crying racists is easier

Anony Mous

Black sh*t preaching black sh*t to a World full of sh*t like her.

Anony Mous

Corrected version: insert “who” between “sh*t” and “her”.
But remember! sh*t is sh*t is sh*t and will never be anything but.


And it’s brown.


That Hag should immediately be replaced with a Normal America and she should absolutely move to Cuba or China


Such a disgusting racist creature is this Thomas-Greenfield.


The things I want to say about his unAmerican witch…She does not represent the American public. What she is saying is exactly the crap the UN globalists want to hear.

Daniel Bulmer

Every country on earth has and does experience racism. The United States is no worse than any other and from the looks of the folks trying top get in you would assume we are better! The who kept secret from the world the time that the corona virus started and the paris climate bs is a way to get more American money for all the countries that are too busy becoming more powerful to worry about climate! We are one of the very few whose carbon footprint has decreased. I thought the brock apology tour was over but I guess I was wrong. Perhaps we should stop blaming our internal problems on each other because of race and figure out that being human makes for mistakes that are ALWAYS attributed to racism. It’s like crimes against Asians being blamed on Trump, perhaps it could be that folks are angry at the Chinese gov’t. and the way they treat people. I believe that this actually started before the L.A. riots, but that’s another history lesson!

miss maggie

She is fulfilling the major criterion for a noble peace prize


That’s about it, miss maggie. The last two people who received the Peace Prize never came close to be deserving of it. The criteria for nominating has declined in prestige.


Deserved just as much as Obama – not. Still wonder to this day what the former president did to deserve this once prestigious award. Can anyone tell me; would surely like to know. Otherwise, I will have to think of this honor as one that can be given to anyone – even me. I pray for peace every day; should that not make me be worthy of the award?


Another of Uncle Joe’s appointees whose only qualification is to check a box on a social-Justice for.

Mark Gravitte

She is a gas lighting idiot. Our founding fathers wrote the constitution with Christiany at the helm. I have seen nothing remotely racist about the constitution. If you don’t like it here, leave. Oh, I forgot, you’re on the government welfare dime and your not going anywhere. You know, welfare, where you sit on your ass all day do nothing and draw a government check. These people are disgusting. Of course, she’s at home with creepy joe.


Hey……there’s lots of $$$$/fame and fortune in being a race hustler ~~~ check out Sharpton,, Jackson, Waters, et al…..Why give up a good thing when you’ve got it /s


These race baiting black activist always spew the same crap.

Obozzo – America is racist – First kenyan to be president of the the united states
mike obozzo – America is racist – first husband of the united states
mad amxine – America is racist – Member of congress fleecing America for millions
camel toe harris – America is racist – first black vp of the united states
greenfield – America is a racist country – ambassador to the u.n. appointed by mumbles biden

If America was as racist as these people continually claim…they would be picking cotton in the fields, sun up to sundown.
Instead they all are either millionaires or will be when they leave office.
Nothing like black millionaires, to show how racist a country is.

Last edited 24 days ago by TheTruth
William Brennan

So, instead we’re going to replace “white supremacy” with “black supremacy”… This is no different then Hitler’s Nazism… Someone needs to tell her that BLM is no different then the KKK. BLM is also a terrorist organization that needs to be removed from influence.

Ronald Gunn

If the USA sucks then get your sorry ass out of the USA.

Mark Gravitte

Where does Obiden find these fools? It’s not her job to interpret the constitution. It’s her job to see that America is in good standing with the international community. I am surprised she can even read. Get her some fried chicken, watermelon and kool-aid. You can’t fix stupid!

Mark Gravitte

These idiots do not represent me or my family. The only reason racism exist is because they keep talking about it. Get your reparations check and kiss my ass. Losers.

Mark Gravitte

I hope the people that voted for super asshole Obiden suffer from their decision to support this senile demented idiot. He hasn’t done anything constructive since he’s been on earth and he knows it. But, you’ve got these brain dead idiots that support him. I would hate to be that stupid!


Joe Biden must be out of his mind when he picked this woman for U.N. ambassador. She is a disgrace to the USA and the world is laughing at Biden.

Mark Gravitte

Assimilate or get the hell out!

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