Denzel Washington Sends BRUTAL WAKE-UP CALL to Maryl Streep

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Denzel has always been a class act. He remembers where he came from and who he is; an American that is proud of his country and those who have sacrificed for it.

Liberals continue to ignore Hillary’s indiscretions and Soros’ funding of BLM, the anti-Trump riots and the anti-immigration protests, and every other violent movement from the left side over the last few months as they CONTINUOUSLY spit on the graves of your forefathers.

To top it off, Hollywood’s elite got together to degrade the rest of America for electing Donald Trump all while making complete jackassees of themselves, pretending as though they have a CLUE about politics.

It seems the nation is now having none of their nonsense, and even Denzel Washington has a harsh dose of reality for his more entitled colleagues.


VIA| According To CP:

People like Meryl Streep and Jimmy Fallon like to see themselves as the pinnacle of our society. But Washington said they’re wrong. It’s average Americans who make America great.

The same average Americans who voted for Donald Trump because they are sick and tired of the elitist attitude of people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep, etc.

At a roundtable discussion with other actors, Washington told his Hollywood colleagues to get off their high horses.

Finally, some truth from Hollywood.

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