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Voter Integrity Under Attack: Nets Attacks GOP’s Latest Move

Vote Count- 'Legal'.jpg
Vote Count- 'Legal'.jpg

Voter fraud is a real problem and it should be taken seriously by Americans who care about the integrity of our elections. Unfortunately, the liberal media continues to spread disinformation about the issue and deny its very existence. The latest example of this occurred on MSNBC’s The 11th Hour, where host Stephanie Ruhle and guest Charlie Sykes dismissed GOP concerns about voter fraud and election integrity laws as being all about Republicans pushing “election fraud lies.”

Rather than work to restore trust in American elections, Ruhle and Sykes decided to demagogue the issue. Ruhle asked Sykes “why is this still going on?” to which he replied “It’s because they are held hostage by the most extreme elements of their own base. You and I both remember after Republicans lost in 2012, the Republican National Committee commissioned what they called an autopsy. After the midterms, the party needed an exorcism. Instead, they’re just gonna keep doing the same old same old. They learned nothing from this.” Sykes ended by saying “Frankly, we’re just going to see this over the next two years. I mean the circus has come to town and it’s not going away anytime soon.”

These comments are outrageous and completely disregard the real threats posed by voter fraud. As someone who has seen the devastating effects of voter fraud firsthand, I am appalled by the liberal media’s attempts to downplay this issue. They continually spread false information and try to make it seem as if there is no problem.

The truth is, voter fraud is a very real concern that needs to be taken seriously. We need to ensure that our elections are fair and secure, and that our votes are not being diluted by those who are ineligible to cast ballots. We must protect the integrity of our elections and ensure that every single vote is counted.


The liberal media’s attempts to downplay the importance of combating voter fraud must not be ignored. We cannot allow them to propagate their lies and spread disinformation. We must speak out against their false and dangerous rhetoric and fight for fair and secure elections.

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