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VIRAL: Tarmac Dancer Breaks It Down And Brings Smiles To Flight-Goers

Terry McBride posted a video to YouTube Friday and titled it: “Tarmac Dancer”

McBride, who is a country music singer and songwriter in Tennessee, wrote:

“So this just happened out my window as I was leaving New York headed back home to Nashville. This guy rocks!”

The short video clip shows a worker on an airport tarmac dancing and using his orange safety sticks as part of his routine. The best part?! At the end of the video, the worker takes a quick bow.

That dancing worker is Kyran Ashford, who works for JetStream Ground Services at the Greater Rochester International Airport in New York. Ashford talked to the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle and explained why he jazzes up his job:

“If I can just make somebody, at least one person, smile and turn their day around, then I am good. I did my job.”

In one video clip, Ashford is seen wearing a big red, white and blue hat as he announces boarding details of a flight. In another, he’s seen dancing with a team of young girls. He said he is grateful to have a job where he gets to “see thousands of people.”

“Other people need to see light. Everybody needs to see some type of positive energy so they can carry out their day.”

He went on to say:

“Whatever your situation may be . . . you can still find something positive out of your day. Wherever you are in life, just grab a positive message out of it. It doesn’t matter where you’re working. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. You’re in control of your day. That’s the mindset I have working out there. . . . Whatever I can do to turn my day around will show others they can turn their day around as well and keep a smile on your face.”

Here’s the video with some music put to it… just to make it even better!


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