Video: “You Son of a Bitch!” Bongino Lays Out Geraldo On Hannity, Geraldo Flips His S***!

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Dan Bongino is a force to be reckoned with.  I remember first hearing him on The Alex Jones show years ago.  He was well spoken, confident and had the pedigree to back up everything he said.

Since then Dan has made quite a name for himself in the conservative movement.  His no nonsense, call it as he sees it approach to commenting on the news has resonated with tens of millions of Americans.  As a result he has one of the most listened to podcasts and what appears to be the most viral page on Facebook.

Bongino’s videos get millions of views and have been helping to shape the narrative for years.  It’s easy to see why patriots have fallen in love with Bongino after watching him tear Geraldo apart last night on Hannity.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

This was quite the segment on Hannity.

On Wednesday night Sean Hannity invited both Dan Bongino and Geraldo on to continue their discussion on the police shooting of Daunte Wright.

During the exchange Bongino left Geraldo speechless — A FIRST! After he slammed him for race-baiting following the accidental shooting by Officer kimberly Potter. Bongino laid him out SO HARD that Geraldo was temporarily stunned and speechless!

Then later in the exchange Dan Bongino accused Geraldo of stirring up racial angst and “wanting the country to burn.”

That’s when Geraldo LOST IT and screamed, “You son of a bitch! You punk! You’re just a punk!”

To which Dan Bongino responded, “You notice he won’t tell me that to my face.”

WOW! This was explosive!

I haven’t seen Geraldo get pummeled like that since …

I have to admit I don’t dislike Geraldo, and he has done some good work in the past.  It’s a hame that he has the mind virus that we call ‘neo-liberalism’




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