A new video shows that police never tried to open the door to the classroom where the murderer killed 19 people. I don’t believe that not even one officer tried to enter the classroom and I do not believe that would happen unless they were told to stand down. There might be one cop too scared to act, but not all of them. The better idea is that they were acting on orders, but whose?

The San Antonio Express-News reported:

“Surveillance footage shows that police never tried to open a door to two classrooms at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde in the 77 minutes between the time a gunman entered the rooms and massacred 21 people and officers finally breached the door and killed him.”

“Investigators believe the 18-year-old gunman who killed 19 children and two teachers at the school on May 24 could not have locked the door to the connected classrooms from the inside.”

Allegedly, the doors are designed so that they can only be locked from the outside. That means that the gunman could not have possibly locked the door since he was on the inside of the classroom. And even if the door was locked, police had in their possession a ‘Halligan’. That is a crowbar-like tool that can open a door even if it is locked.

The New York Times reported:

“The decision to establish a perimeter outside the classroom, a little over five minutes after the shooting began, shifted the police response from one in which every officer would try to confront the gunman as fast as possible to one where officers treated the gunman as barricaded and no longer killing. Instead of storming the classroom, a decision was made to deploy a negotiator and to muster a more heavily armed and shielded tactical entry force.”

From The Daily Wire

Bill Francis, a former FBI agent who was a senior leader on the bureau’s hostage rescue team for 17 years, told the Times that officials “made a poor decision defining that as a hostage-barricade situation” because “the longer you delay in finding and eliminating that threat, the longer he has to continue to kill other victims.”

Steven Ahle

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I am unsubscribing and blocking this site since the comment section is littered with nothing but make money online scam posts.

Mountain man

So whoever told the cops to stand down obliviously wanted a high death count..only a democrat take your gun official ..bet you never hear his name…paid off !!..and everyone involved either bought off or threatened

Jennifer Williams

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Truth Vaccine

You can’t take away America’s guns without sacrificing a few kids.
It’s just a really late abortion to Dems and Globalists.

Jasmine Jones

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J. R. Justice

Cowards don’t need to be given “STAND DOWN ORDERS”, that’s what they do best !!!! Every dam one of those sniveling cowards should be fired and prosecuted for derilection of dutyand sent to prison !!!! I wonder just what they thought they were doing there in the first place, it wasn’t a church social, it was a mass murder, that they COULD have STOPPED, if any of them had any DAM BALLS !!!! THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED AND MUST NEVER BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN AGAIN !!!! This is what happens when sniveling little left wing liberal cowards are put in charge, where were the REAL MEN !!!


Eventually the public will demand to know what really happened and who made the wrong judgement call. However, it is uncanny how this all shook out into a big push for more gun control. Just one item in a long list of freedoms that they wish to deprive us of in the name of sacrificial children. WHEN their “plan” doesn’t stop the problem they’ll just blame it on “unfinished gun control” and push for more restrictions, likely those that won’t affect the wealthy!

Janet S

Not to diminish the loss of these innocents., but these incidents are used to further the anti-gun agenda. Plain and simple.

Heidi Adams

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