Video of Joe Biden in Michigan Looking Lost and Needing Assistance Goes Viral After His Handlers Shut Out Press at Campaign Event

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This is the reason Joe Biden’s team prohibited the press from attending his campaign event in Michigan on Thursday.

In recent months, concerns have been raised regarding his mental and physical health. Critics have pointed to various incidents as evidence of a potential decline in the president’s cognitive abilities.

Evidence includes Biden’s frequent gaffes and verbal stumbles during public appearances and speeches. Some have suggested that these slip-ups may indicate a lack of mental sharpness or cognitive decline.

Additionally, there have been instances where the president appeared confused or forgetful during press conferences, raising further questions about his mental acuity.

Biden’s physical health has also come under scrutiny. At 81 years old, he is the oldest person to ever assume the presidency. Questions have been raised about his stamina and energy levels, particularly after several incidents where he appeared to struggle with walking or standing for extended periods of time.

Critics argue that the demanding nature of the presidency requires someone with a high level of mental acuity and physical fitness. Concerns about President Biden’s ability to effectively carry out his duties have led to calls for increased transparency regarding his health and medical records.

As the leader of the United States, it is crucial that President Biden is able to perform his duties effectively and make sound decisions for the country. The ongoing concerns about his mental and physical health highlight the importance of ensuring that he is fit to lead.

Biden made a visit to Saginaw, Michigan for an event, but media access was restricted. As usual, he appeared confused and disoriented.

Biden’s handlers frantically shooed away the press after Biden repeated the debunked story about firefighters saving his cat and Corvette from a house fire.

“Can I take a couple questions?” a reporter shouted at Biden.

Biden’s team hurriedly dismissed the press after Biden reiterated the false tale of firefighters rescuing his cat and Corvette from a fire at his house.

A shocking video of Biden in Michigan shuffling up a sidewalk and needing assistance emerged. This is why Biden doesn’t want any press around.





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