Video: Joe Biden Insists He Is Not ‘Hiding People And Sucking The Blood Of Children’

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Joe Biden made a statement clarifying that he and his fellow Democrats are not “hiding people and sucking the blood of children” during a Presidential Town Hall on CNN.

During a CNN Presidential Town Hall, Joe Biden made a strange statement denying that he and Democrats are hiding people and sucking blood out of children. CNN host Don Lemon was initially discussing Democrats being “unprepared” for the events that occurred on January 6 when the President began to ramble about having “faith” in the American people and his Republican critics. However, Biden specifically referenced the Qanon movement, condemning the belief that he and the Democrats could be partaking in wicked and nefarious activities.

“I sometimes get myself in trouble for what I’m about to say, not that I ever get in trouble,” Biden chuckled. “As you’ve heard me say before, no one ever doubts I mean what I say, the problem is I sometimes say all that I mean. But all kidding aside, I have faith in the American people. I really do, to ultimately get to the right place, and by the way, many times Republicans are in the right place. I don’t mean that the Repub-it’s always a Democratic point of view, but some of this stuff, I mean Qanon,” Biden said.


“The idea that the Democrats or the Biden is hiding people and sucking the blood of children, no I’m serious, that’s the — Now you may not like me and that’s your right,” Biden explained to Lemon, adding that both parties are contributing to these beliefs. “The kinds of things that are being said of late, I think we are beginning to see some of the, and both and by Democrats as well, sort of the venom, get, sorta sorta leak out of a lot of it. We got to get beyond this.”

Biden made it clear that he thinks it’s a bad thing that Americans from both sides of the aisle believe that he and the Democrats suck the blood out of children and secretly hide people. “What do you say to your grandchildren, or your children about what’s happening? Do you ever remember a time like this before, the entire history, whether you’re a Democrat or Republican? This is not who we are,” Biden assured the viewers.

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