VIDEO: Biden Admin Demands All ‘Tech’ & Media Companies CENSOR Anyone Who Questions Their Talking Points

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Rich Welsh| There are a lot of firsts coming from this White House, most of them a horror show when considering the dangers the Biden administration poses to our basic Constitutional rights and freedoms.

This administration has used the COVID pandemic to control Americans’ lives and groom them to become obedient subjects of the elitists in charge. No one is saying the COVID virus isn’t real. It’s as real as it gets. I caught it and I don’t ever want to go through that again.

Up until now, there was an understanding between the authoritarianism coming from Washington, DC and corporate executives who have either gone full woke to participate in the trampling of our rights and freedoms in an unspoken quid pro quo in that they censor free speech and do other administration biddings and they get to continue to make money without being harassed by government, or the corporate officers are terrified of the woke supremacy coming for their heads if they don’t comply.

The response leftists have given all along to cries of censorship has been that private companies like mainstream news media networks and social media companies are not censoring people at all because the corporations are privately owned businesses. It’s as if millions of Americans don’t understand that when anyone with the power to silence your free speech does, it is called censorship. The difference is that government is not allowed to censor free speech because of the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights of our Constitution, so they have given a wink and a nod for private social media networks to do it for them. That has all changed now and we are entering into very dangerous territory.

A reporter recently asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki about remarks made last week by the Surgeon General Vivek Murthy over Joe Rogan’s vaccine comments on his podcast on Spotify.

“He said that tech companies have an important role to play in stopping misinformation because they are the predominant places where misinformation spreads, and Spotify is putting out ‘advisory warnings’ on episodes that have to do with COVID-19,” the reporter started out setting up the question for Psaki in the White House briefing room.

“Does the White House and the administration think this is a satisfactory step, or do you do you think that companies like Spotify should go further than just, you know, putting a label on there to say, hey, go do your own – you know, check this out, you know, there’s more research you can look at, you know, scientific research, regarding COVID?”

“Sure. Well, last July, you probably know, but the Surgeon General also took the unprecedented step to issue an advisory on the risk of misinformation and public health, which was a very significant step, and amid that he talked about the role social media platforms have,” Psaki said.

That was an abomination in itself. What could be considered misinformation today could be true information tomorrow, especially in the area of public health where information changes every day.

Also in July 2021, Psaki brazenly said the quiet part out loud regarding the Biden Administration colluding with a private company in deciding what constitutes misinformation and what doesn’t.

“We’re flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation. We’re working with doctors and medical experts…who are popular with their audience with accurate information. So, we’re helping get trusted content out there.”

Jen Psaki herself in the past has said that lockdowns were good for public health and we now know that what she said was misinformation because the top epidemiologists in the world have said lockdowns were the worst thing we could have done during a pandemic. Does this mean that Psaki will be censored on Twitter or Facebook or other social media platforms for spreading misinformation?

CNN spread misinformation every day, and all day about Trump-Russia collusion for over two years. We know this because we had four investigations, including a special counsel investigation, and they all concluded that there was no evidence to support the claim. Does this mean that CNN will be censored on Twitter or Facebook or other social media platforms for spreading misinformation?

The answer is no, because for the leftists involved, censorship only runs one way. Anything that goes against a Biden administration narrative is to be censored.

Many things being labeled as misinformation are only considered misinformation because of censorship. When you silence information, you are doing a disservice to society. Misinformation is not a crime and should not be treated so. Dialog, discussion, and debate work misinformation out, but leftists have given up trying to convince people that their argument is true. They just want the use of authoritarian rule to say they’re right.

Joe Rogan has said in response to all the hoopla created by people asking Spotify to censor him, “The problem I have with the term ‘misinformation,’ especially today, is that many of the things that we thought of as ‘misinformation’ just a short while ago are now accepted as fact. Like, for instance, eight months ago, if you said, ‘If you get vaccinated, you can still catch COVID and you could still spread COVID,’ you’d be removed from social media. They would ban you from certain platforms. Now, that’s accepted as fact.”

Rogan gave a few more examples. “If you said, ‘I don’t think cloth masks work,’ you would be banned from social media. Now, that’s openly and repeatedly stated on CNN. If you said, ‘I think it’s possible that COVID-19 came from a lab,’ you’d be banned from many social media platforms. Now, that’s on the cover of Newsweek. All of those theories that at one point in time were banned, were openly discussed by those two men that I had on my podcast, that have been accused of ‘dangerous misinformation.’”

Much of the information being censored as misinformation is actually tuth that blows the government’s narrative out of the water and that’s why it’s being labeled as misinformation. It’s really that simple.

Psaki then said something that is a game changer that moves the country into a dark and dangerous place.

“So our hope is that all major tech platforms, and all major news sources for that matter, be responsible and be vigilant to ensure the American people have access to accurate information on something as significant as COVID-19, and that certainly includes Spotify,” the spokeswoman for the Biden administration added.

Anyone from this moment forward who censors free speech in the private sector is doing so based on a government dictate and that goes against the First Amendment. If a corporation is censoring free speech as “misinformation” because they fear reprisals from the government, then that is a First Amendment issue.

Psaki went on to say that she thinks Spotify displaying advisories is a “positive step” but she wants to see every platform do more to stop misinformation and disinformation.

“I mean, look at the facts, right? You are 16 times more likely to be hospitalized if you’re unvaccinated and 68 times more likely to die than someone who is boosted if you’re unvaccinated,” Psaki continued in the response.

This woman is a monster. The Biden administration has had information on alternative therapeutic treatments for COVID-19 censored and shunned by so-called “medical experts” in government. Thatwas spreading misinformation. They had news outlets spreading disinformation that Joe Rogan took horse dewormer when he didn’t. That was spreading misinformation. I ask again, does this mean that Psaki will be censored on Twitter or Facebook or other social media platforms for spreading misinformation?

“That’s pretty significant. And we think that is something that unquestionably should be the basis of how people are communicating about it. But ultimately, you know, our view is it’s a good step. It’s a positive step, but there’s more that can be done,” Psaki concluded Tuesday.

So, Jen Psaki, mouthpiece for the Biden administration, thinks censoring free speech to only allow the administration’s narrative should be the basis of how people communicate. Many of the administration’s narratives have been wrong more than they have been right. So, to censor opposing viewpoints against false narratives of the administration is the literal act of spreading misinformation and disinformation.

And there lies the problem. It’s always up to the people in charge who get to decide what constitutes misinformation and disinformation. Under that kind of dynamic, you could have blatant liars being credited with spreading truth while behind the scenes they are silencing truth to make it appear that their misinformation is the only truth. We used to call that the Soviet Union.


If we do not stop this now, pretty soon the censorship will move off the Internet and into the real world. Misinformation police will be breaking down doors to arrest people with differing views. As of today, we can no longer say things like, “It’s a free country. You can have any opinion you want.” People are now being punished for having opinions that do not fall in line with the people in charge. The easiest way to rid this kind of communist thinking is to replace the people in charge. The coming midterms would be an excellent start.




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