Video: Antifa Thugs Attack Anti-Pedo Protesters

Tensions boiled Saturday outside of a Los Angeles spa during a protest in response to the alleged exposure of a transgender woman’s penis at an all-women’s spa.

Hordes of people showed up outside of Wi Spa on Wilshire Boulevard to support a woman who had complained about the alleged exposure incident when they were met by Antifa counter-protesters supporting transgender rights.

Protesters were seen assaulting an independent journalist who was hit in the head with what appears to be a pipe, video posted shows.

It was not immediately clear if the protesters were in support of or against transgender rights.

WATCH (assault occurs at 1:30):

The protests came after a video was posted to an Instagram account with the username Cubana Angel which shows the furious woman complaining to a spa staff member about the alleged exposure.

“So, it’s OK for a man to go into the women’s section, show his penis around the other women, young little girls, underage, in your spa? Wi Spa condones that, is that what you’re saying?” the woman asks.

The staff member’s response remains unclear as it is difficult to hear their response behind the Plexiglas at the counter.

Fox News did report that the employee said the transgender customer was protected by California law.

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Antifa needs to be demolished and the rioters need to be in jail. They aren’t anti fascists. They’re an army that supports pedophilia and racist democrats.
Which is obvious with this. Man I’m tired of hearing about Antifa.

Ellie Leonard

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Philip Hammersley

Like their Marxist BLM pals, these anuses want to tear down all morality and order and have lawlessness so that THEY can come in and provide “rescue.”

Kimberly B. Hardy

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Ellie Leonard

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Pretty obvious that Antifa are a bunch of fascist pedophiles in league with the Democrat party forcing us into Marxism via Satantic measures
Prove me wrong….


Your not wrong at all. You are 100% correct. We just don’t want to ever be violent….so we must be patient, and just pray, and wait for them all to continue the destruction, until….well, I don’t know. We all just must wait and see what happens. We’ll wait and vote them out…yeah….lets do that.


You know what’s going to happen. Jesus our Savior will return for his children and not just satanic Antifa will be judged, but all peoples of wickedness.

Christina Robleto

These brainwashed satanic-led brats need to be rounded up & water-boarded for information of their activities & then hauled off to prison like gitmo or used as a bargaining tool in exchange for political prisoners held in China, N.Korea, etc. This group is a bunch of privileged, self-absorbed, ungrateful scumbags a product of the dnc, corrupt teachers, & lazy parents. People are getting tired of their antics. The judges who let them off need to be investigated & removed from the bench.


Having a penis, swinging or not, makes the person a male. He didn’t belong in the women’s section. If he wants to identify as female , he needs to cut the dick off and get a vagina.


Boys have a penis,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Girls have a Vagina !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jerry you seems to understand the plan. Now we need to try to explain it to liberals. They don’t seem to get the boy girl thing.

Linda Mick

this is improperly reported, the”supposed journalist” was on video trying to kick a Christian supporter, of women’s privacy and children’s innocence, in the nuts!!!! The Asian gentleman, the object of the attempted kick, took out the ANTIFA TRANS SUPPORTER with a metal water bottle–this is available on video–get your story straight

Marilyn W. Ingram

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Robin Kapanka

When it comes to flashing your private parts in front of us and our kids you can put your trans genderism right up your own asses.
We are not here to judge your life decisions that is up to God but when it comes to flashing your private parts to the world we will judge you for that insanity. You sicko’s are an abomination to God & Our families flashing your stuff in front of us. We don’t do it to you and expect the same decency from you mental patience. If you want a Sodom/Gomorrah then go get your own Island and allow it to become just like Sodom and Gomorrah. In America I personally am SICK to death of you people pouring your satanistic beliefs onto our society.


Why aren’t these thugs being shot, killed, put in body bags, and hauled to the garbage dump. It’s not like we are talking taking human lives. These are just predator animals. This country will not survive if BLM and Antifa are allowed to rule without lethal consequences.


The women who are the victims should kick the perp where it will do the most good.

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