Vernon Jones Destroys CNN Reporter…“CNN’s About Controlling Negroes, That’s What It Stands [For], Controlling Negroes”

One thing you can say about Vernon Jones, a Democrat who became a Republican. He speaks his mind and you always know what he is thinking because he tells you.

For one CNN reporter, what he was thinking was devastating to him.

The CNN reporter identified only as My Sayers, began trying to smear Rudy Giuliani.

That’s when Jones lashed out at him.

From The Gateway Pundit

Jones: I’ll ask you, was the drop off boxes used in 2020 elections?  Was it?  Was it used in the 2020 election?  Now be as bold as you were bold asking Giuliani a question.  I’m asking you now – did – were the drop off boxes used?

Let’s put the camera on him.  Let’s put the camera on him. (puts his arm around reporter) Now was the drop off boxes used?  (silence)  Who or what press are you with?  He’s with CNN.  Were the drop off boxes that were used in our election, this gentleman is with CNN.  He’s with CNN.  What’s your name?  This is Mr. Sayers.  Were the drop off boxes used in the 2020 election and the 2021 runnoff?  Were the those drop off boxes written into the state statute?  Are you open to looking to see if they were?  (mumbling from reporter)  No, I’m just asking you a question.  You’ve asked me questions already, was it, are you going to look into it?

I just want, see here’s, here’s CNN.  Cause see CNN is about controlling negroes.  That’s what it stands [for] controlling negroes.  That’s what CNN is about.  They don’t want people of color to have certain thoughts.  He’s here to keep me running and to keep me from being the governor of the state.  Why?  Because liberals, they do not want blacks to think for themselves.  They’re here for Stacey Abrams.


Idiots Twerk On Ambulance After Shooting In Oakland, CA

You know and I know that the drop off boxes were not in the state statutes. You know and I know that the eNet signature verification was not in the state statute.

You don’t want me on your show no more because you know Joe Biden is a bigot and you don’t want me calling Joe Biden a bigot…. CNN is bigot… they’re race based.  They use you to carry out their racist agenda and it’s sad.  

Vernon Jones is currently running for the governorship of Georgia. He will likely get President Trump’s endorsement.

I think it’s safe to say the current governor will never get it.

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Christina Robleto

I love Vernon Jones 💗. He knows exactly how the left are, patriots remember how he and his wife were treated at the republican convention last year when the dnc’s useful idiots – antifa & blm decided to riot & harass all the attendees. Anyone who votes Democrat is a ignorant moron not worthy of living in this country.

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Raymond Rippe

Vernon Jones is a person I will read about more often. Totally impressed with him in this article. Sounds like a man of good character. Glad he is willing to be a government representative!

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