VeepStakes: Trump Teases Rubio As Running Mate at Miami Rally; Barron Joins Dad for First Rally

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President Donald J. Trump confidently approached the stage to announce his pick for the Republican vice-presidential nominee, playfully hinting at Sen. Marco Rubio as the potential candidate to the enthusiastic crowd of thousands gathered at the 10th hole of the Trump National Doral Miami golf course during his Tuesday evening rally.

“Joe Biden’s sharp numbers are fake. They’re fake numbers, and the fake media — notice they don’t look at all of them,” Trump said before looking out at the media riser and the number of reporters and cameras.

Turning his head, he made an aside to Rubio: “Oh, that’s a lot, Marco. That’s a lot, Marco.”

Then, to the crowd, he said: “I think they probably think I’m going to be announcing that Marco’s going to be vice president.”

Afterward, as the president introduced the special guests in attendance, he shared with the audience that he and Rubio had formed a friendship despite their contentious interactions in the 2016 primaries.

“We’re thrilled to be joined tonight by many fantastic Florida patriots, including a man who’s become really a friend of mine,” Trump said.

“We had a vicious campaign for a while, and he was tough, and he was smart, and I got to really know him well over the years, and he was a fantastic guy: Senator Marco Rubio,” he said.

Before the president emerged, Rubio addressed the audience and delivered some of his sharpest criticisms of his former senatorial colleague.

He expressed concern about President Biden’s condition during the June 27 debate with Trump, citing it as a national security threat.

Rubio emphasized his growing anxiety over the situation, exclaiming, “My gawd, that’s the president of the United States—who is running our country right now?”

The senator also highlighted the potential impact of Biden’s performance on global adversaries in Beijing, Moscow, Havana, and North Korea.

“They’re watching it in Iran, and they’re saying: ‘That guy’s the president? We’re going to invade tomorrow.’ That’s what I would do,” he said.

Rubio said his second outrage from the debate was his realization that everyone close to Biden for the last three-and-a-half years was lying about his condition.

“Everyone’s known this,” he said.

“We’ve been seeing it for three years,” he said.

“If you had said anything about Joe Biden 20 minutes before the debate, they would have said: ‘That’s a lie. It’s a conspiracy,’” he said.

“The only conspiracy here are the people in the shadow government that are protecting and hiding from the American people the condition of our current president—and it puts our country in danger.”

If this showcase by Rubio marked his last chance to impress Trump as a potential running mate, the senator certainly seized the opportunity. He charmed the audience with his natural charisma and injected humor into his earnest policy discussions with spontaneous wit. For instance, he humorously suggested that Vice President Kamala Harris was so progressive that she aimed to outlaw plastic straws.

Rubio waited for a beat and exclaimed: “Those paper straws suck.”

Later, Rubio apologized for wanting to make some remarks in Spanish, but then when he was done, he explained to those who did not speak Spanish: “I said: ‘I saved a lot of money with GEICO.”

In a remarkable display of message discipline, Trump has largely remained silent as Biden and the Democratic Party leaders grapple with how to address Biden’s lackluster debate performance.

Prior to the debate, Trump would mock Biden for appearing disoriented on stage or struggling to navigate stairs, at times feigning a dazed state.

This time around, Trump chose to refrain from attacking Biden as vigorously as expected.

At one juncture, Trump mocked Biden’s repeated emphasis on defending democracy but then abruptly stopped, tapped his own head and commented, “This guy,” implying that something was amiss with Biden’s mental faculties.

What a rally!

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