Vaxxed Man Dies After Hospital Ignores Court Order, Refuses To Give Him Ivermectin

You would think hospital staff would exhaust any available options if it meant saving a life but that apparently is not the case at Rochester General Hospital in New York. Where 75-year-old Jeremy L. Carter died after doctors refused to treat him with the controversial drug Ivermectin. Despite him having a court order from the judge requesting the treatment.

Carter’s doctors had exhausted all efforts and standard treatments so his daughter petitioned the courts for her father to receive the drug. Carter was a breakthrough case, meaning he had previously been vaccinated but contracted Covid in August.

DailyWire reported:

Rochester General Hospital refused. Rochester Regional Health filed an appeal on Saturday, and a hearing was scheduled for Monday, Lewke’s report said.

Carter died on Sunday.

Attorney Ralph Lorigo, who sued Rochester Regional Health on behalf of Carter, told Lewke he’s filed dozens of lawsuits against health systems in western New York alone over the past few months.

“Every case I have is a person in a hospital dying,” he said, “what is the harm if a hospital is done with its protocol?”

Lorigo has already filed three suits against Rochester Regional Health to get them to administer Ivermectin, including Carter’s suit.

“Each of those times we were successful and those people went home. In this situation we sued, we got a court order and the hospital refused to administer the Ivermectin,” the attorney explained.

On Sept. 20, after exhausting all COVID-19 treatments, Carter was transferred to ICU and placed on a ventilator. Carter’s daughter, Jill Alvarado started researching other alternative treatments. She found the drug Ivermectin, which is typically used to treat certain infections caused by parasitic worms, head lice, and skin conditions.

WHEC reported that Ivermectin was recently prescribed to an 80-year-old woman in Buffalo who was in a similar situation. Within 48 hours after the first dose, she was transferred out of ICU and taken off a ventilator.
The use of Ivermectin became more of a political hot button after podcast host, Joe Rogan, spoke out for the drug. Rogan, who battled Covid himself, says that Ivermectin helped him defeat the virus.
I’m not saying that Ivermectin could have saved Mr. Carter but if a court order approved the use, and the hospital had exhausted all other efforts, what was the harm in trying? Especially given the length the family was willing to go to protect the hospital from legal responsibility if they were to administer it.
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Doctors and hospitals complicit in murder? We’ve arrived. 😠


Arrived? We arrived when abortion was legalized.
The deceased was 75 yrs old. The Left is just itching to murder the elderly, even though most of the Satanic politicians on both sides are so old they fart dust. They see the elderly as useless and an unnecessary burden. As opposed to the younger generation who won’t work, get welfare and sit in their parents basement playing games all day long. Those elderly still pay taxes, and try to live within their means. (life savings from working or social security.) They’re too old, tired and busted up to be either a threat or a burden. They just want to stay warm and dry, sleep and have something to eat. Fck all the Elderly-haters.


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Yes but you suck c*ck for it.


My son is 35 years old. He has been working HARD for the past 20 years… …paid for his own education, food, clothes, shelter… He and his friends – male and female- HARD workers – are very concerned and angry about the lazy corrupt progressive communists taking over the USA. Unfortunately they are working so hard they don’t have the time to protest and their votes are negated by cheating democrat communists.






And I blame any voter who voted even for one corrupt democRAT ! They are to blame for all of this pain and misery we are experiencing, and it is not going to get better for a long time.


You’re right. I feared that people will start dying faster and faster. They will keep on lying and the msm (full of commie elites) will keep the propaganda machine going. Pray often and encourage all family members to do the same.


and so they should be concerned. there are still a lot of people who are in what I call the upper middle class economic and have not been affected…I suppose if you make over $200,000.00 a year gas going up 40 cents a gallon is no big deal. Of course we’re seeing Everything going up but, still those who support the left in these upper income brackets won’t wake up and start thinking for themselves till the commie leaning left’s policies attack them. It will surely happen it’s only a matter of time. However, the left is careful and keeps the folks that are doing well in their same condition till all their ducks are in place. They control medical now and shortly it’ll be food. WATCH OUT because I think it’ll happen in the next 6 months. I just keep seeing and hearing problems with the food supply chain. It’ll all be blamed on Covid, but, fear is already in our society due to health care, wait till food is hard to get.


Your son is a good man. I hardly consider someone who is 35 years old to be the “younger generation”. Your son was born in the mid 1980’s??? Back then PC’s and cell phones were still new and not everyone had one. Back then people still knew what a work ethic was.
This is 2021. Anyone born in the last 20 years is a spoiled, brainwashed, “woke”, ignorant, brat who lives in their mom’s basement playing games all day, only cares about their feelings and won’t work. I know many of these kinds of losers.


I guess cell phones were out in 1973 and PC’s were out in 1974. However, I never learned to use a computer until 2002, bought my first PC in 2003 and didn’t buy my first cell phone until years later. Still, I never saw anyone go crazy for video games like those brats born somewhere 1990 and 2015. My neighbor kid was one of those. He spent every cent he was ever given on a new video games. He had hundreds of them. He never mowed a lawn, never washed dishes or a car, never cleaned his room, whined and cried about how his “feelings were hurt” & sponged off his parents. He and his fellow students all received “Participation Trophies” for doing nothing.
So’s not to hurt his feelings, his grandma hung his plaque on the living room wall.
His (worthless) parents finally put their foot down and told him he must get a job.
He’s bagging groceries at the neighborhood grocery store, and he’s close to 30. No skills whatsoever. No savings, no 401K or pension and- if Social Security is still around when’ he’s old, he’ll still wind up homeless living on the street.


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That was the purpose of the virus, to kill the elderly and in doing that they killed history that could be taught to younger generation as they rewrite history to suit their agenda.


I agree! the longer this administration goes on, the worst it is starting to look! Fauci, Biden, Pelosi and the swamp dwellers are very sick people and very corrupt!


I believe this 100%. I don’t think there’s anything we can do except pray that the good Lord has Mercy on us.


It made me wonder when I heard about all the old people dying in nursing homes. Was this for real ( Covid-19 deaths) or was it to protect Social Security? I don’t trust the nurses, doctors, Biden Administration, or the media!


I understand what you’re saying. However, I’m confused about the statement that you don’t trust the nurses doctors or other health care workers. Many are dumb ars demonRats who only get their info from the msm. Of course they’re fed anti American values or conservatism. Lots of praying may help if the Good Lord sees us worthy of his Mercy.


Political murder: that’s what it is. I predict a major lawsuit for a wrongful death.


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At the very least ,negligent homocide.


This virus was planned by the Chinese, with the blessings of Fauci and Obama’s regime, who paid money for the Gain of Function Lab tests. This was inflicted to the world by the Wuhan lab sending out their infected people, to get as many people to die. Biden is letting the Chinese get away with this because they paid 10Million dollars to Hunter and 10% was for the “BIG GUY ” Who we all know it was Biden, the puddinghead!

Steve Menice Sr

Depraved indifference to human life. Murder 2!


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Now the doctors and nurses are going to say who lives and who dies!


And, there you have it. The Leftists would rather see someone die than given Ivermectin.
I’d also sue the Biden administration. The guy that died was fully vaccinated and still got the Covid cooties. I don’t see where giving him Ivermectin would have been any more harmful.






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Last edited 19 days ago by Richard

Why is it that when I click the positive symbol, the site says that have already positively voted on these comments? Because the only ones that say this are negative to Biden? Yes. I can’t even share on Facebook if the article is negative on Biden.


They have me cut off for 30 days for comments that I posted in the last year. But this is the 3 or 4 time I got cut off. But the only reason I post on FB is when a negative article is on Yahoo, I copy and paste it to FB just to let the liberals and the Democrats see all the negative stuff they despise. When there is good stuff printed for Trump or conservatives I post that also. Just in case they don’t see it elsewhere! Last year I got really bad comments from liberals who really hated my posts, but now those idiots have gone to bed early, because, I don’t see those negative comments towards me, or maybe they all died of Covid…..


nothing is worse than DEATH. the ‘authorities” suppress Ivermectin because it’d be the end the hoax hussle and loss of those “emergency” powers. That MUST be changed. Absolute power corrupts absolutely..


This is politicial they want a commie dems dictatorship – their utopia you know. Their utopia will last until it get them also.

John McGeachy

who ever was involved should be struck off and charged with murder this has to be stopped hospitals are covering up what the vaccines are doing to people


Agreed. The “vaccine” is a toxic cocktail of biohazard waste. Why do the fully vaccinated keep getting re-infected if the “vaccine” is so great? Why are people dying from it? No one should have died from it. The pro-“vaccine” idiots tout it as some sort of miracle cure-all when it’s nothing more than a witches brew made with the chopped up parts of aborted babies. My gosh. People are Lemmings. One runs off the cliff and thousands follow right behind it.
Also, putting someone on a ventilator is a sure fire death sentence.

And, the Leftists and Medical “professionals” (like that quack “Dr” Fauchi) always want to shift the blame to the un-vaccinated. Nope. The “vaccinated” keep getting re-infected because the “vaccine” destroyed their immune systems so that their bodies can’t defend themselves from whatever is coming at them. They are under the delusion that they can’t be re-infected or infect others. Then these same idiots go to the most crowded places (concerts, beaches, amusement parks, ball games, festivals, riots & protests) and rub elbows with other infected people and get sick all over again.

Hey all you delusional Medical professionals and pro-vaccine pushers: the blood of those that died is on YOUR hands.


It’s not made of chopped up parts of aborted babies, but they were tested on fetal cell lines from two aborted babies, which is why I won’t get them…and I have been denied religious exemption request three times now. The vaccines have helped some people. They have hurt some people. We should be able to choose our risk and not be forced to lose our jobs over this…but here we are.




They haven’t helped as many as you think. I know someone who has been being treated for lung cancer. His cancer is gone but he was vaccinated 3 times. The poor guy now has Covid pneumonia, but they have not been treating him with anything but steroids. They kept telling him they didn’t know why his lungs were cloudy. He is now in the hospital on oxygen, and they won’t admit he has SarsCov2. As many as we are starting to find out about, there are many more that they are not telling us about.


And people who have died of other illnesses, they blame it on Covid-19 to make sure they keep the scare tactics going!


The #killshots have aborted fetal cells IN them.


Yes, here we are, and it looks very bleak!

Alexis Saey

These vaccines are “helping” no one!


I agree, When Trump got the vaccine I trusted him, but now with Biden at the helm, I do not trust him or any one in his admin, doctors, nurses, DA’s Attorneys, in other words, he is the Hitler of the 21 century. He is a communists, and is led by the communists.

Steve Menice Sr

President Trump had the best intentions to get a vaccine out but the drug companies lied to him. They made this death jab behind his back. Now they’re trying to force this death jab. No Fucking Way!! Hey, Joe Blow, tell you what? I’ll take the jab only if you let me give it to you using the same vile mine came from. At least I will die knowing you’re gonna drop dead right behind me.

Alexis Saey

There’s an amazing amount of cover-up of the side effects of the COVID vaccine! The media, the government, and the medical community should be liable for lying to the American people. This is germ warfare!


This is murder, the doctors, nurses and administrators who made or enforced that decision should be facing jail time.


I agree, but at the same time I’m sure they are being threatened. It’s the old, comply-or-lose-your-job threat. Many of these Medical professionals have families to support so they are caught between doing what’s right and the welfare of their families. I’m sure this crap is tearing them up inside. When Doctors start quitting their jobs because they feel guilty for violating their Hippocratic oath, we’re all screwed.


People are being screwed by doctors who willingly break their OATH: “do NO HARM”!


Not jail time, execution for Malice Murder with Forethought. The Murder of this man [and probably others] was planned. All involved with the denial are guilty of this, from the hospital administrators down to the attending physician(s).


What’s that smell?
That’s the smell of a wrongful death lawsuit.


Whatever happened to the Hippocratic oath, is that considered white supremacy now. Those doctors should be charged with murder.


Hold them accountable, charge them with wrongful death of a patient. The daughter should file a law suit for all she can get.


When you read the COVID protocol for doctors to follow at a certain hospital, the one I read forbid the use of Ivermectin. So, the doctor who gives it is going against the hospital protocol. They are probably afraid of losing privileges or their license. My hubby said it was what made the biggest difference for him when he had COVID. Docs charged him $200 at an ER clinic to tell him to take vitamins and to run some tests. No meds were prescribed. He got worse after that, so we got Ivermectin from back sources and he was significantly better in 2-3 days


My son works in finance/banking with many corrupt evil men and women. When asked to break the law, he refuses. He has accepted that in the business he is in chances are great that he will someday be fired for not obeying a corrupt order by bosses.
Looks like “educators”, doctors, nurses etc need to choose whether they want to be corrupt or not.
Life is filled with choices and is not easy.


I wasn’t so fortunate. They also refused me in the ER and I was not able to get either HQ2 or Ivermectin. 3 days later I was in ICU for 14 days with SARSCov 2. They were even making fun of me because I requested it. However, there were 3 Dr.s who came privately and told me they agreed with me but the state would BLOW-UP if they even mentioned it. Glad you got the Ivermectin and recovered.


Such a shame!! Money is more important than life


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It is called eugenics

gary b vogt

The hippocratic oath no longer has the meaning it once did.


Doctors/hospital did HARM!
Unfortunately, a suit needs to be initiated with the goal to get rid of the doctors and hospital!


Vaxxed Man Dies After Hospital Ignores Court Order, Refuses To Give Him Ivermectin. Ignores a court order I would think the Hospital is in deep shit legally


Ivermectin is available online. You make a virtual appointment with a doctor and they prescribe the drug. There are also some private doctors who will prescribe it–you just have to find one. If interested in ordering online, go to the frontline doctors website and make an appointment. It is good to have a supply on hand in case you contract the virus.


Why in heaven’s name is ivermectin ‘”controversial”? It is a harmless drug used to treat parasites. The reason it is successful is because it treats the blood and Covid affects the red blood cells. What is the harm in trying it? It has been very successful in India. Sad we have a government that would allow people to die for no reason. This hospital should be sued for millions of dollars for not following the judge’s orders and contributing to this man’s death.


They wouldn’t give it or H2Q as early treatment either and watched while thousands got pneumonia and died or were greatly harmed. I don’t blame the Dr.s they are controlled by the hospitals and the state. They will lose their license. The states are responsible and should be sued and some held criminally.

Alexis Saey

These “doctors” need to step up, and protect their patients! That is, after all, what they are being paid to do! The hospitals need to suffer financially, and criminally.


Arrest the entire Hospital management staff for murder!

Stephen Brown


Stephen Brown

Sounds like negligent homicide at the very least.


I tried to up-vote you but strangely [yeah right] somehow I was told that I already up-voted you and couldn’t do it twice! Dems in action!

Cecelia Henderson



Administrators of the Rochester General Hospital should be prosecuted for murder. Why would a hospital refuse proven, recommended medical care to a sick patient?


Democrats and Press are deep into everything. If the DNC says no Intervectin–the pressure is overwhelming on Hospitals and Drs. They know that the DNC shows NO mercy for anyone.

Cookie Bruno

People are dying from the vaccine NOT from breakthrough covid cases. I can’t believe people are falling for this coverup.


The American Medical Association and many doctors are nothing more than liberal political hacks and do not have patients best interest at hand…doctors are being paid to push the jab and this is a total lack of respect for their profession and their patients !


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eLL jay



What’s that smell, you ask?
That’s the smell of a huge wrongful death lawsuit

Big D

You stupid trolls ruin these conversations. Who ever is doing the monitoring please do your job and get rid of these a*******


People are being murdered in the name of control. Sad that the doctors are being intimidated to carry Fausi’s lies.


And what do expect from a commie run state?

bill knight

Unfortunately they are so wedded to the High Dollar vaccines they must crush all the lower cost alternatives, to make the investors more money!

Kathleen Marion

I see huge malpractice suits and the end of our so called “modern” medicine coming soon! God have mercy!


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This is exactly why Attorneys were invented,,,, Sue the crap out of the hospital

Rebel Cox

I hope the families not only sue for millions, but also go for criminal charges on any doctors and hospitals admin that kept treatments ordered by the courts away from this and other patients!


What’s the harm in trying?

Here’s what it boils down to: each successful use of ivermectin (which won a Nobel Prize BTW) or hydroxycholoroquine or monoclonal antibodies undermines the credibility of the FDA in issuing Emergency Use Authorizations for the “vaccines.” Why? Because an EUA may NOT be issued if there are existing treatments.

Think about all those billions of dollars that the pharmaceutical companies are making from the governments administering these bogus “vaccines.” Follow the money.

Stephen Brown

Negligent homicide?

The Last Conservative

Only the full extent of the law would be satisfactory. If medical facilities are willing to take measures of denying a family’s request for treatment, and they have already exhausted all other methods . . . they are certainly responsible for the end-result. It seems that that there will be no repercussions against this facility. Until that changes, there is little hope for the exiting of political medicine. It has come down to lives being lost. It’s disgusting !


The one’s who denied the Ivermectin should be charged with murder.

Can't Drive 55

This is murder. Refusing to give any person a med that works for Covid, while they give it to themselves is murder. This government needs to be accountable.


Liberty One, your moderators or whoever the FUCK are supposed to monitor your post don’t give a flying SHIT about your post! Otherwise, they would keep these damn spamming JOB ASSHOLES from cluttering your post constantly!


It is all politically controlled. Unbelievable that the hospital does not care about the Hippocratic oath. Oh, that is right they don’t take it anymore. Preserving all life at all costs went out the window when abortion took first stage. Life is not a high priority anymore.

John T

I am sure they were giving this person Remdesivir as the covid treatment. Remdesivir causes kidney failure which is why so many people are mysteriously getting kidney failure from a respiratory virus. That has never happened before. Once the kidneys shut down, the patient starts drowning in his own fluids (aka covid pneumonia). Hospitals keep pumping IV fluids which accelerates the “covid pneumonia” drowning. At the same time they cut off IV nutrients to the patient, essentially starving them to death. They are so weak they can no longer fight. Death is almost certain once Remdesivir starts. I know 4 people who recently went to the hospital and went on Remdesivir. Only one is still alive. He lost 50 pounds in 8 weeks and is too weak to sit up. One went in for dehydration and did not even have covid. Gave him 3 rounds of Remdesivir before his kidneys finally shut down and he died.

By the way hospitals get a 20% bonus if they treat patients with Remdesivir. Check out Dr. Ardis if you want to get the facts on Remdesivir and the killing fields the hospitals have become. I have told my Medical POA, let me die at home rather than be murdered in a hospital.


Hospital should be sued.

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