US Deploys Marines to American Embassy in Haiti – Non-Essential Personal Evacuated in the Midst of Chaos in the Capital Port-Au-Prince

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The situation in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, is grim as evidenced by the recent deployment of US Marines to evacuate personnel by helicopter.

Gang rebels have launched attacks on various sites in Tabarre, where the US embassy is situated.

Armed men, who hold sway over over 80% of the city, have looted and seized control of local businesses.

Miami Herald reported:

“The U.S. military flew in Marines to reinforce its embassy in Haiti and evacuate non-essential personnel as heavily-armed gangs continue to challenge the country’s tenuous government and turn the country’s capital, Port-au-Prince, into a battlefield.

The middle-of-the-night operation was conducted via helicopter by the U.S. military at the request of the State Department for embassy security, the U.S. Southern Command said in a statement.

‘This airlift of personnel into and out of the embassy is consistent with our standard practice for embassy security augmentation worldwide, and no Haitians were on board the military aircraft’, the statement said.”

Rebel gang leader Jimmy ‘Barbecue’ Chérizier.

The rebels are calling for Prime Minister Ariel Henry to step down.

They have seized control of multiple police stations, launched attacks on the port, airport, Presidential Palace, and Ministries, and orchestrated prison raids that led to the release of 5,000 inmates.

Under pressure from both the United States and the Caribbean Community, Henry is facing demands for resignation and is currently unable to return to his position.

Haiti has extended a 72-hour state of emergency and curfew for a month in response to the escalating situation.

Despite scaling back its operations, the U.S. embassy in Haiti remains open.

“‘The U.S. Embassy in Haiti remains open’, the statement reads. ‘Heightened gang violence in the neighborhood near U.S. embassy compounds and near the airport led to the State Department’s decision to arrange for the departure of additional embassy personnel. All arriving and departing passengers work for the U.S. government’.”

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