UPenn Hatches Hairbrained Idea To Defend Trans Swimmer At All Costs

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So now we see the University of Pennsylvania’s true colors after they threaten to sue if their star trans swimmer isn’t allowed to compete. This is retaliation to the NCAA finally taking a tiny stand against the obvious injustice to the women swimmers. Their talks of a lawsuit show that this was never about being ‘woke’, but winning.

NCAA offered women a tiny sliver of justice by requiring trans swimmers have their testosterone levels checked before competing. The new policy prevents these swimmers from manipulating the game by stopping their hormone treatments before competing which gives them a biological edge over actual female swimmers:

“The University of Pennsylvania is weighing whether to pursue legal action if transgender swimmer Lia Thomas is prohibited from competing in the upcoming NCAA women’s swimming championship, according to a report.

A swimmer on the university’s women’s team told Fox News, “I have a feeling that if USA Swimming changes their rules, they will be filing a lawsuit for Lia to swim, but they wouldn’t do that for us.”

“That’s just really upsetting,” the swimmer told the outlet under the condition of anonymity, adding that she had heard about the potential lawsuit from “some of the administrators.”

Thomas is eligible to compete on the women’s team under current USA Swimming rules that require a year of testosterone suppression. Under new NCAA rules, transgender athletes will be required to document testosterone levels to remain eligible, leaving Thomas’ eligibility for the NCAA women’s championships up in the air.

The NCAA announced earlier this week that it had updated its transgender-participation policy to reflect the practices of the U.S. and International Olympic Committees. Under the new policy, transgender participation in a particular sport will be determined by that sport’s national governing body. If no such governing body exists, participation will be determined by the sport’s international federation rules. In the event that an international federation has no transgender policy, the American branch of a particular sport will follow the IOC policy.”

The new policy is similar to how athletes are tested for steroid use before a game. The fact that UPenn is even considering taking legal action if their player is banned from a game shows that the policy is obviously needed. More importantly, it proves that the University isn’t really concerned with being ‘woke’ but out to win.

Thomas, for obvious reasons, has been breaking records by competing against women and the school clearly wants to keep that ball rolling at all costs.




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