‘Unless Somebody Drops Dead, This Is Going To Happen’: Roe Activists Meltdown On Camera

A Conservative new site took to the streets to speak with these unhinged protesters and get some insight into what, if at all, they are thinking. DailyCaller spoke with several activists outside of Justice Samuel Alito’s home. One protester said she was in attendance to let Alito and his colleagues “know that we are mad as hell.”

“Unless somebody drops dead, this is going to happen in June,” Seiler said.

By now you should all know that a draft opinion about Roe V Wade was leaked by someone at the Supreme Court.

“We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled. It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives,” Alito wrote.

One man named claimed to be a paramedic and explained why he jumped in on the cause:

“As a paramedic, I used to respond to women who were aborting their own kids. My own mother has had an abortion, so I recognize that it was a tough decision for her and I just see it as a violation of rights,” he said.

Media propaganda is alive and well. The proof is in what the protesters are thinking. Many of them seem to think an overturning of Roe would lead to other decisions getting tossed:

“I’m here because I care about maintaining the rights that we have in this country. We’re told that this is a free country and for almost my entire life, much less the last decade, it’s almost seemed like an illusion that can just be snatched away by some people who are given these lifetime appointments to just shape the law of the land indefinitely,” a protestor named Addison told the DCNF.

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“As soon as they start coming for reproductive rights, the next thing is gonna be marriage equality rights, education rights … the ladder just goes down indefinitely and they’ll continue taking until we stand up and we say we’re not gonna take that sh*t anymore,” they said.

They continued to repeat media rhetoric that an overturn would open the ‘flood gates’ for other rulings and criminalize everything:

“I am here today because [of] our rights as women. We have always been second class citizens, but now they’re criminalizing us. And part of it is because they want to criminalize us so that [they] give us felonies so that we don’t vote. So it all comes down to patriarchy,” Seiler said.

“This is a slippery slope. Right now, we heard that they have a draft on abortion, but their people have already started bans on IUDs and criminalizing women for using IUDs and Plan B. So, their first work into birth control, so the next thing is trans rights, LGBT rights, marriage equality, and then they’re coming for me, civil rights,” she added.


Two federal law enforcement sources told ABC News Monday that steps have been taken to increase security details around the individual justices, including at their homes. The U.S. Marshals Service also said they are assisting the Marshal of the Supreme Court regarding increased security concerns in the wake of Politico obtaining the draft opinion, but didn’t comment further on specific security measures.

H/T DailyCaller

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These baby lib nut jobs don’t even know why Planned parenthood was formed!


The women who are protesting against doing away with Roe versus wade is just advocating murder of innocent children. They wouldn’t make good mothers. If they don’t want to get pregnant, keep their pants ON or take precautions.



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