‘Ungrateful Americans’ Are Why Biden Is Failing: More From Airhead Joy Reid

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While speaking to left-wing nut historian, Joy Reid blamed Americans for Biden’s falling numbers. The senile president hit 41% during an ABC survey and Reid says that’s because Americans have spent that $2,000 and are mad. Ironically, Reid is kind of admitting that you would have to pay people to be happy with Biden right now.

“I hate to really dwell on polls because they’re ephemeral and at this point in many of their presidencies a lot of presidents faced a crisis of public confidence, and Joe Biden faces a massive ongoing COVID nightmare that is harming his numbers. His numbers are pretty low right now,” she said.

“Sure,” Beschloss said.

“There are also a lot of Americans who despite having gotten the shots and checks are still telling pollsters that he’s accomplished nothing or almost nothing, which I find amazing. I guess they spent the whole $2,000 and now they’re not happy anymore,” Reid said. “Does this matter? Should we think about this in terms of those polling numbers?”


White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed Monday that President Biden’s public approval rating is falling largely because of the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic rather than the administration’s economic policies or priorities.

“Well, we think, one, there’s a couple factors,” Psaki said when asked to explain a Washington Post-ABC News poll published Sunday that showed Biden’s approval rating at 41 percent, with 53 percent of respondents disapproving.

“One is people are still — there’s a fatigue from COVID,” the press secretary added. “We see that in poll after poll … People are sick and tired of COVID and the impacts on the economy. We understand that; we’re tired of it too. That’s why this is the number-one priority, [it] continues to be getting COVID under control.”

I think it would be fair to say that people are sick of pandemic mandates, sure, but that’s not the downfall of Biden’s numbers. It’s a combined and complete failure. It’s the economy. It’s the supply-chain fears. It’s the ignored and ongoing border crisis. It’s the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan that still has Americans trapped under Taliban rule. It’s the mad-hatter spending that will leave future generations in crippling debt.

It’s at least a half a dozen other things including the crumbling morality around the nation.

So, yeah, ‘let’s go Brandon’, and Reid can stuff it. Biden didn’t do anyone any favors.





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