UNFUNNY VALENTINE: Rosie O’Donnell Freaks Out, We Are Going To Need an Intervention

The Marxist left is very good at is refusing to accept the reality and the consequences of their unpopularity and very good at covering up how ignorant they are about how the country works. Marxists in Hollywood especially live in a fantasy world of dress-up politicians with situational ethics. There is no better example of leftism dysfunction than former stand-up comedian Rosie O’Donnell, who hasn’t been funny in over 20 years.  Bitter, nasty, and hell-bent on revenge, but not funny.

well {BLEEP} u all – traitors – cult members – reality deniers u have no shame – u tossed ur legacy in with his – the nation will not forget ur betrayal – he tried to kill mike pence for gods sake – what will it take – damn it #TrumpIsGuilty,” O’Donnell posted on Twitter, in response to hearing that that President Donald J. Trump was acquitted for the second time for the second crazy impeachment.

O’Donnell added in some extra drama that Trump “tried to kill” Pence, and everyone is guilty. Apparently, O’Donnell believes it is acceptable to make things up and throw charges at people.  Isn’t that what Trump and his supporters have faced now for close to 5 years from the deranged left.  And what are they so upset about?  Is it his “America First” policies?  Likely not.  Is it the way he distributes power to the little people? Likely yes.

We need an intervention.  Rosie your leftist and power binging has hurt us in the following ways:

O’Donnell, who has made herself and her life a public spectacle, has admitted that she struggles with mental illness, substance abuse. It is a matter of fact that O’Donnell, who is a lesbian, has been reported for beating her wives in fits of rage and is estranged from a number of her adopted children out of their concern for her violent rampages.

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That is quite a background for the left’s political idol who fantasize boldly that all white men are violent rapists.

O’Donnell associates with known pedophiles from the Lincoln Project, without any shame at all:

And she believes that Trump is somehow the root of her problems.

So how did a stand-up comedian and popular talk show host devolved into a woman who desires to look like a 1950’s Grandfather and going around her privileged life tilting and windmills and raging incoherently?

Consider how an addict reacts to a loss of power and control over others.  There is your answer.

Are we safe as a country with people like O’Donnell? How did she get this way?  Why is her violence acceptable?

Because of Cultural Marxism, and apparently, her soft mind has been introduced to narrative shaping tactics by the left that drove her to mental illness.  She is a wealthy celebrity with the world at her feet, who gave up her life to be a foot soldier for the furthest left and most violent political agenda the world has known.

She believes she is a humanitarian, while she pushes public policy for Americans that have killed far over 40 million people.  Her political party has radicalized the death of the most helpless humans on earth, babies, who are defenseless. Yet, her rage is placed with people who voted for jobs and security for their families and children.

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It is a tragedy in many parts that seems to have ongoing curtain calls and no final act. O’Donnell asks, “What will it take?”

And America should be asking her that question;  What will it take until you stop attacking Americans, America, and our institutions and start to seek some treatment for your problems?

O’Donnell is obsessed with Trump and Trump supporters and completely intolerant of classic liberal ideas that America’s liberty was built upon, which are due process, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression.

We should be crying at her behavior, not the other way around.

O’Donnell wants to claim that she has a superior right to be bigoted, intolerant, and abusive because she was abused. No. She doesn’t.  That narrative needs to stop.  Many of us were abused and chose not to our families, our children, or abuse fellow Americans.

Nothing about O’Donnell is unique or special or is funny, and nothing about the left is fun. We should be enjoying our beautiful country and peaceful lives, and instead, we are dealing with the left’s fluctuating power-drunk binges or their DTS, withdrawal delirium. We are being abused, and the country has PTSD from trying to survive.

We need to send the left all a “Dear John letter” and say, it’s not us, it’s you. We want a divorce. We wish to emancipate ourselves from your dwelling. You are not good people.

We need an intervention like that in the national public square.

Oh, and Happy Valentines Day, Trump won again, everyone who understands reality knew he would. This isn’t really a high school musical.   Permit us these fleeting moments of happiness, because the Lord knows what you will come up with to abuse us with next.

Get some help Rosie.



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Marie Annette fortier

let her freak out,maybe just maybe it will shut up.do not care idiot


She is truly a sick puppy… so, the tik tokker admires someone who lies and abuses others verbally that she does not know at all, because this is exactly what Rosie’s mad and loss of control anger post was all about and this kind of ‘authenticity’, the world does not need it. Yes, her true colors of hate really show through……pfft…


I thought the article said Rosie was a freak so I was thinking someone finally had the courage to tell the truth about her lol


How stupid is that woman


Who cares what fat ass thinks?

Johnny Mena

This lady has gone insane!


She needs an exorcism to get rid of satan in her.

D. L. Kruszeski

Please keep telling the truth.



Rosie, Rosie, just lay low and be quiet for a little while!! Don’t be so upset about any and every little thing!!! It will be all right, I promise!!! Don’t borrow trouble by getting so upset about things you can’t control. It just won’t help you that much!!!


Beautiful article!!…… Love it!! #MakeHerCry


Great Article! Nice to read a Truthful Review that has Been Obvious for Years But Passesd over by the Lame Stream Fabricated News-Yes She Is A Fuk Up And Nothing In the Dumbocrat World will Change Anytime Soon!-As long as the Biden/Clinton/Obimboama-Cartel is Alive and Fuking Up Everything it Touches-The Un United States is Doomed!


President Donald J Trump, as a now private citizen. should sue this ugly beast along with all the other no goods who have attacked him. Go Donald!

David Harrell

Maybe she should move to a country were they are in line with her views.


Rosie O’Donnell is a charter member of the Maxine Waters Stupidest Humans Alive club:
Maxine Waters
Sandy Cortez
Mazie Hirono
Jim Acosta
Adam Schiff
Don Lemon
Al Sharpton


Rose is the reason there’s been a crane sitting at the White House. It’s there to help her get to her front row seat.


Poor, poor Rosie. She is like so many of the Hollywood people!!! She has lost her fame (and probably her fortune tol!!!) and now she is just an old has-been!! She craves that little bit of attention she used to enjoy. BUT she will never have that again!!! She knows this and this is one of the reasons she rants and raves like a lunatic. Sad, but true, she PROBABLY is a deranged luntaic!!! I wonder if she knows how mentally deranged she really LOOKS!!


This cunt has eaten more pussy than ovarian cancer so obviously it has affected what little brains this smegma eating bitch has ever had. She will not stand face to face and say anything to a real American because we will give the cunt equal rights…and a few left into that fat fucking mouth.


your a dangerous mental case you need to be commited


Hey Rosie, you are ignorant and dumb as a rock and to weak minded to get help or even allow us to make a common sense statement, so with all this, we the American people want a divorced from you and the likes of you. This relationship can not go on and divorce is the only recourse. So take your ugly fat ass and for once keep your promise and leave America and find another country that suits your queer ass and ideas. Happy Valentine Day and good bye….


no one cares what rosie thinks or says…she is nothing but an old has been looking for attention

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