UN Wants To Watch AZ Hand Audit: Left Is Up To Old Marxist Tricks

A common tactic of the left, when they want to go around the American Republic Rule of Law, which is grounded in the US Constitution, is to use nonprofit groups or NGOs to mimic “democracy” and overthrow the will of the people.  NGOs are privately funded, often social justice charities, claiming to be the moral and ethical standard-bearers of law and order. Note the use of them in the AZ audit as told in a daily update.

“A group of so-called experts are asking the Justice Department to send federal monitors to Arizona to interfere in our state hand audit/ The two lead actors are the Brennan Center for Justice and the Protect Democracy group. Their names sound innocent of course but both of those groups are major backroom players,” Chairman of the AZ Republican Party, Dr. Kelli Ward, said in her video.


The Brennan Center’s Democracy Now is a group of layer activists similar to the Lawyers Guild, who were a part of the George Floyd uprisings. Having nonprofit organizations of social justice warriors acting as lawyers is an oftentimes Marxist tactic, meant for political theater, harassment, intimidation, and chaos, as seen in the story below.  But who are they, and who do they represent?

Chauvin Trial: Video Uncovers Potential Jury Intimidation By National Lawyers Guild

According to their website, The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law (EIN 13-3839293) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to the Brennan Center are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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According to this document stored at the Brennan Center, the Lawyers Guild is a group that is for the purpose of representing the United Nations ideas of “Human Rights,” yes, the same UN that just appointed Iran the arbiter of Women’s Rights around the globe.  The Democrat-led government appears to be forcing Arizona to allow the UN to monitor the hand audit that is underway there.

According to this Document, in Alabama V Eric Holder, Holder makes the case that America is so racist and horrible that we can not be allowed to have our own systems, so we need Non-government agencies (NGO) like Lawyers Guild, and The Brennan Center agrees. See Page 10

In the case referred to above, Alabama wanted part of the 1964 Voting Rights Act changed, and the Supreme Court agreed with them, disregarding the testimony of Eric Holder.

Important to note here that the Lawyers Guild is behind much of the leftward shift for the United States judicial demands that claim America is too racist to have police and too racist to have due process rights,  using propaganda and third world tactics to shift public policy in their favor. Consider the UN’s Lawyer Guild partnership with numerous social justice movements, such as Black Lives Matter, meant to bring America into decline. Newsletter. 

And still, these groups that represent foreign nations have no jurisdiction, as Ward said in her update video. Yet, they are given unfettered access to our law enforcement and elections by the Democrats.

The Brennan Center even knows that they have no jurisdiction, According to their own site, yet they persist:

“On June 25, 2013, the Supreme Court ruled that the coverage formula in Section 4(b) of the Voting Rights Act — which determines which jurisdictions are covered by Section 5 — is unconstitutional because it is based on an old formula. As a practical matter this means that Section 5 is inoperable until Congress enacts a new coverage formula, which the decision invited Congress to do. The Brennan Center’s statement on the decision is available here.”

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In their statement of sadness, the Brennan Center reported on Eric Holder’s loss representing their desires to control state elections with national UN guided mandates and said:

The Supreme Court’s long-awaited ruling on voting rights case Shelby County v. Holder came down today, with the Court invalidating the formula used to determine which states are covered by Section 5 of the Voting Rights.

The Brennan Center for Justice released the following statement from President Michael Waldman:

“The Supreme Court’s decision is at odds with recent history. The Voting Rights Act was vital in 2012, not just 1965. For nearly five decades, it has been the nation’s most effective tool to eradicate racial discrimination in voting. And it is still critical today. Last year, Section 5 helped block laws making it harder to vote. There is a path forward. Section 5 stands. Congress now has the duty to upgrade this key protection and ensure our elections remain free, fair, and accessible for all Americans.”

And so now, hopefully, people can connect the dots to why Democrats are using pandemic emergency powers for massive ballot harvesting schemes, to claim that it is time for new rules over state elections by passing the SCOTUS.

The hand audit in Arizona is a house of cards. And it appears as if the left is about to fall if courts follow the laws.

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Can this audit be truly legitimate????? Not undermined by Marxist influence and out come.


The court is now involved, so it must count legally.


The Left is cunning in coming up with genius thinking that counters the Constitution.

Mark Gravitte

Not no. But hell no! You bitches are nothing but fu**ing pawns for the DemonRATS! I weep for the future!


The UN has no authority in the USA. They are a communist/Islamic run group of terrorist.

Mark Gravitte

Wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one gets filled first. Losers. President Trump is my President!

Albert Grounds

I am curious if this Brennan Center was created by the former Director of the CIA. I read once that Brennan was formerly a member of the Communist and allegedly disavowed them. I now wonder if he in fact did disavow.
The United Nations have become a cesspool of radical nations and the United States has been the largest donor to keep it going. It is time to say goodbye and good riddance and put that money to good use.


Brennan is a Muslim

Al Barrs

NO! HELL NO!!! The United Nations is as Anti-America, Anti-Freedom Communist institution as there is today and has ever been in World history!
KEEP the corrupt United Nations out of our Nation and We, the People’s business and lives!!!

For those who haven’t discovered the facts yet, the U.S. and World Elite Establishment Communist movement has in their secret and covert plans to foist a communist form or governance called the “One World Government” on the free nations of the world, including the United States of America. And here’s the catch, the World’s Elite Establishment intends to turn over all administrative and ” despotic rule” of all free Nations, such as the United States, to the corrupt communist led United Nations.

The United Nations is the king-pin communist organization for the “One World Government” crowd, including corrupt Democrat Party leaders, RINO Republican traitors, Communist Party U.S.A., China’s Communist Party, and the world’s most wealthy individuals who support this devious attempt to destroy democracy and our U.S. republican form of government guaranteed in our Constitution. These devious, greedy and anti-freedom Elite Establishment traitors don’t care about constitutions, they will nullify and destroy all free Nation’s Constitutions, our individual Bill of Rights, which Government is instructed by our Founders that our Bill of Rights of Individual U.S. Citizens, “…shall not be infringed.”!

If, We the People, of the U.S.A. stand complacently by while allowing the evils of communism to take over and rule our lives we deserve no more than the dictators in the U.N. who will first nullify our Founding Documents and confiscate our Founder provided means of defending ourselves and our democratic nation from tyranny and Chinese and Russian autocratic communist rule. We will become unable to be a Free, Independent and a Nation of individualism and we will once again become “Subjects” of a totalitarian one party rule with no say in our government and will no longer be “Citizens” of a guaranteed form of government…

To those American citizens who have been covertly brainwashed by communists and their socialist agenda, i. e. “Socialist Curriculum’s” since the early 1960s beware what you ask for you may get it, and support evil communism, because you will be the first casualties of a communist regime in our Free and Independent United States of America…

Citizens of the United States, you have seen, in the illegitimate corrupt communist led U.S. Democrat Party, what a small taste of ruthless communist governance is like. Citizens in all communist controlled nation want freedom and a National Government like we have had here in America for 274 years of freedom, but if We, the People, of the U.S.A. stand by and allow this present corrupt devious despotic Communist-Democrat Government who stole our 2020 election and are now using quit possible the most incapable individual, Joe Biden, to carry out evils agenda, who is nothing but a pawn of the Elite Establishment, to force communist ideology onto We Americans, you will reap what you sow… God bless this Free, Independent Government our Founders entrusted to good, religious and honest leaders that has since been manipulated to give all citizen powers and right to a corrupt anti-Constitution “Deep State Shadow Government” of American traitors ignorant of who they are supporting and to what evil the present corrupt communist led Democrat Party U.S.A. is rapidly taking us! We are headed for a very destructive and evil train wreck…

While you can, please read and study our Nation’s Declaration of Independence that gives us a way out of this evil communist mess we have allowed to infiltrate and consume our National institutions, our U.S. Constitution of very limited powers, and our Bill of Rights of We, the People, of the United States of America.

All of this was what Donald Trump was tearing down and this is why the corrupt Democrat Party and their Communist allies and ant-American financiers attacked President Trump so viciously, that even our once admired Supreme Court’s leadership turned on President Trump and thereby We, the People of the U.S.A., not because they hated Donald Trump, but because he was in the process of doing the opposite of what the communist Democrat Party wanted, to destroy our Government and subject We, the Citizens to a communist form of tyrannical one party rule by the communist sponsored Elite Establishment in the U.S.A. and United Nations…


Very well said and informative




The UN can go knull on the root! It’s none of their F’n business.

Eric Smith

Arrest Katie Hobbs NOW Where is the attorney general ? She is corrupt and broke the law !!


The United Nations is an ANTI AMERICAN organization that should be kicked out of US. Biden’s new represenative to them is a disgrace to theUS and should be tried for reason. KEEP THE UN OUT OF OUR ELECTIONS AND GOVERNMENT

Gail Davis

Boy, you are right! That woman that Biden put in is like communist muslim obama, bad mouthing the United States. She’s black and should go back to Africa where she wouldn’t
have anything. Biden’s whole cabinet has diversity, but they all lack brains!


This appears to be a hostile action by a foreign entity who has not been elected by majority rule in this country. The UN is Not Welcome to interfere with Our election process. They have No business sticking their collective, Globalist noses in our affairs.

mike dar

And is this the same Eric Holder that was Obama’s wingman? Was this the same Eric Holder that Obama gave the Directorship of OFA to? OFA, formally the Thugs ACORN? OFA was Obama’s get out the vote team, ‘Whites are racist’ team?.
Eric Holder as OFA’s Director controls OFA’s checkbook,,,, which OBAMA filled with 1/3rd billion dollars illegally donated to, just as Obama illegally donated 1/3rd billion dollars to BLM… VIA 501c3 accounts.. from DOJ dollars, while Loretta Lynch was Director of the DOJ.
So now, ‘Sponsored’ U.N. activist Legal Firms are wanting in? Connected to BLM? BLM’s website had direct links right back to Chicomm websites!
U.N.????? No… Chinese want in.. Chinese operatives want in…. and I fully expect it is because Chinese printed Ballots are in this election cycle. No other source of millions of fake ballots could be kept a secret, were they printed IN AMERICA.
These Chinese made Ballots were singned for on delivery via a Chinese Airline company to America… by DNC operatives. Chinese TickToc video recordings from the printers and Americans contracting the arraignment in video conference were found by Taiwanese operatives, who relisted the video to another companies streaming video service incorporated as a sub corporation in Taiwan…. the master corporation of that is a American corporation… perhaps you have heard of it.. it is owned by a Anti Trumper… and does not allow the stream in America.
Conducted in that video was showing pile of Ballots printeded, FOR DIFFERENT STATES in America, reams and reams and reams… inspecting the State Embosed emblems, print quality ect ect… showing the interior of the Printing Company in China recognized by Tiwanese familiar with the facility. Stated was already’ by June of 2020 1.5 million ballots had been delivered… to the contractors… in America.
Georgia was one contracting with Chicomm Printer,,, for was the shipping docs, signed for too were discovered.
‘The U.N.’ is a cover, for a trail going back to at least early in the election season, preparatory to ballots actually being used.
Understand this.. with the current system we have there is a great deal need to be done as ballots have to be removed or inserted. Having the substitute ballots is one thing, inserting them is another.
Enter Covid, by mail voting… and the USPS Sort centers… which Dems screamed about machinery getting fixed in an election cycle. Why?
No one other than USPS ASSIGNED department individuals are allowed into Sort centers except when, Repairs are made ORRRRRR… during the Bi-Annual AGENCY REVIEW process. The review in 2nd 1/2 2018 into 7 Sort Centers found 5 with Ballots being pushed to the back of the line… Special Ballots, specially sorted OUT.. and held.
Questioned, as always is the typical situation with colluded corruption, all 6 Sort center managers claimed the same thing… ballots were jamming up the system,,, and the managers said they had no idea a special election was underway.
Hence Trump wanting the system fixed, hence the Dems screaming about getting the system fixed.
Be aware,,, Chicomms supplied Ballots, how long they have been providing ballots no one knows, no one knows how long USPS Sort Centers have ‘HAD PROBLEMS SORTING BALLOTS’. Note, Sort Centers are authorized and only locations with full sorting capacity by Zip, Name computerized to sort every piece of mail… totally identifying individuals… equipped with Shredders and Burners.
And the only locations possible for the 20 million missing ballots over the last >< 10-12 years.. to simply disappear. By volume or instance, 20 million is impossible to ‘Disappear’ any other way.
Here is the real problem, the RNC is totally aware of this… everybody is bought and sold by China.
This upraor about Voting investigation is about every American coming to understand most of our elected have opted America already as a Vassal State.. to China.
This ‘Uproar’ will be managed to get Federal Control of all American elections… greatly making it much easier, for cheating than exists now.
Oversimplification is that one person with one thumb drive controls all the elections out of D.C. .
Sad it is that No One.. in D.C. wants this exposed. the price demanded would be retribution against all of government employees… and China… the biggest ‘Donator’ to politicians of all historical levels’.
Donated How? SUbsidiary corporations, 501c3s, inside master 501c3 corporations, Umbrellas are the common term, and offshoring accounts.

What oh what would D.C. do to keep Americans uninformed on this matter?
I propose literally, anything.


UN equals ‘Ugly Numbskulls’. Piss on them.

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