TX Women Begs for Biden And Harris, Joe Had Day Off and Kamala Visits Sunny Cali

Democrat Kamala Harris has taken the weekend to have a sunny vacation back in her hometown. At the same time, her duties in Washington, including advocating for the state of Texas, are put on hold.

“Tag everyone, tag Black Lives Matter, tag Joe Biden! Tag Kamala Harris,” a Texas woman says in a video.

Day #5 of Blackouts.

A Texas woman with two 15-month-old little girls describes neighbors sleeping in cars, residents not having any power, claiming that random areas are being chosen to be targeted for blackouts.

“There is no power and no gas here, and there is no reason for it.  We don’t have food; no trucks are allowed to deliver because of the power usage.  There is contaminated water, and the pipes are frozen. There is no water on the shelf.  We have no gas. We can’t receive blankets in Houston and Dallas. We are told we don’t know when we will have power.  We have no way out. The road is dangerous; they are trying to kill us.  No essentials for us.  We don’t have anything. We need the White House to hear this. Where is Joe Biden, and where is Kamala Harris.  They are determining who has power, saying who is essential.  They are trying to kill us. Warming Centers won’t let people in without vaccines. We can gather together in hotel rooms, and in the midst of all of this, they are fining people for being crowded.

We can’t use gas generators; we have no gas—Lool at these photos. People are dead in their homes; this is bigger than that.  Now it is time for people to come together.  We have no food and water,” the Texas woman said.

There are, in fact, reports of people freezing to death.

Harris has been called out for her lack of concern. She is on a personal visit back home to Brentwood, California.

Meanwhile, people are asking for her to pay attention to getting supplies to dying people in Texas. Increased reports of older adults freezing to death in their homes have been circulating.

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Due to an increased need for water across the City of #FortWorth, the @FortWorthFire is currently accepting donations of water bottles at all 43 fire stations. If you can SAFELY travel out of your home & bring water to your local water station, it would be appreciated. Thank you!” wrote one of Harris’ supporters. 

Calls to Harris from constituents and supporters have fallen on deaf ears.

A former congressional candidate from Texas, Tania Burgess, posted on her Facebook page a series of posts that chronicles her experience with Texas’s blackout.

Rolling blackouts, no water, empty grocery stores.

Video footage from local news confirms that there is a severe shortage of water.


Friday, Harris had two people welcoming her large car parade, as reported on social media.

Apparently, Bidden and Harris had other plans for the weekend than helping the freezing, dehydrated, and hungry Texas people.

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Harris did find the time, on her vacation, to tweet a couple of times:

And she retweeted Joe Biden’s statement about green energy, which may be seen as a slap in the face to people in Texas whose power grid of Wind Turbines has crashed:

According to the release from Governor Abbott’s office, on Saturday:


Facebook Finally Loses

“Governor Greg Abbott has announced that President Biden partially approved Texas’ request for a Major Disaster Declaration. 77 of Texas’ 254 counties have been approved for FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency Individual Assistance.

The Governor and TDEM will continue to work to ensure the federal government provides appropriate assistance to individual Texans and the state and local governments.
Individuals and business owners in counties included in the President’s declaration who sustained losses in the designated area can begin applying for assistance by registering online at www.disasterassistance.gov or by calling 1-800-621-3362 or 1-800-462-7585.”

Biden had the day off and was visiting friends in the area.

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John H.Montgomery

Trump would have flown down there


I was just thinking the same thing! People would have gotten relief, and timely… not next week.

Sandra Lee Smith

Yes,that’s true. But I think there may be a bit of a balance lost here. I live on the SW side of Ft Worth in a close suburb. We had rolling brownouts here 2 mornings in the worst cold, no blackouts; some areas did have blackouts. Pipes have frozen, etc. Consider, however, some, if not most, of this was failure to plan ahead and prepare for cold to which they’re not accustomed. Outside pipes were not adequately insulated, inside pipes were not protected from freezing when heat failed due to power outages. Simply leaving faucets trickling during the coldest hrs, can save your pipes. There are some simple indoor space heating hacks that don’t require electricity & are inexpensive, that could be utilized to help keep warm. If there are small children, some caution may be necessary, but there’s no danger of CO poisoning. Heat tapes on exposed pipes, if the power is on, are very effective. Some GOOD water filtration devices for each person & cooking water, plus a cleand tub filled, solve water issues for a wk or so.
Much of the mess here is lack of experience and lack of preparation, coupled with reliance on on technology that just is NOT ready to be relied on, despite the hype & leftist wailing. People in northern tier states where such cold is common, I’m sure, fared much better in even lower temps and deeper snows.


Trump would have cared for the people of Texas.


You get what you voted for..

Bonnie Kociuruba

What about the people who didn’t vote for them? It’s so sad they, we, all have to pay the price of those biejing biden voters ignorance!

Sandra Lee Smith

This has NOTHING to do with who’s in the WH. POTUS doesn’t control the weather, let alone the climate. Yhwh God, alone has that control, and THIS smack upside the head was intended to wake the comatose “woke” to that fact. However, MUCH of the responsibility falls on the individuals who failed to prepare for, or take preventive measures as it unfolded, to protect their own pipes, and keep warm.
Granted Biden has responded with all the alacrity, and wisdom, of a SNAIL. Gov Abbott was moving a bit faster, but also ill prepared, particularly with TX’ reliance on technology that can’t withstand such extremes, and failure to have adequate back-up in place. But the Feds will almost always be in response mode, not prophylaxis mode, so lagging by at least a day or 2 in any large catastrophe. Not wise to depend on otherwise. We, the people, also bear at least SOME of the responsibility for this failure.

Deborah Woods

This Administration is an outright disgrace!!! If President Trump was in office, he would have the National Guards there within 1 hour!!!! Totally disgusting and uncalled for!!! I have many friends there!!!! GO TO HELL BIDEN AND HARRIS!!!! You need to be impeached and worse!!!!!

Sandra Lee Smith

Wishful thinking. National Guard requires time to assemble (usually 24 hrs notice), then to reach wherever they’re needed. Get realistic in your expectations!

Terry L Musgrove

President Trump would already have the US Air Force and US Army flying food, water, fuel, blankets and warming tents to Texas. COVID be damned. Now you see what MAGA is compared to election fraud and power trips. Happy now?

Sandra Lee Smith

Yes, he probably would have acted ahead, but he is also the only occupant in the WH since Ike who has been known to think that way. Ike did because he had the experience of planning a major invasion, and realized the civilian applications.

Bonnie Kociuruba

This is disgraceful! More proof the corruptocrats don’t give a rats behind about American people! How do they live with themselves taking trips back home during a crises? God help the people of Texas! It seems no one else is!

Sandra Lee Smith

I don’t think most should be relying on God, at this point; not because He can’t but because this was almost certainly a collective smack upside our heads from Him, to get our attention. IF, and almost certainly IF, there is a massive repentance here, starting from our civil and religious leaders, on down to the grass roots, a turning away from the collective, as well as individual, sins, is He apt to act in our behalf now. And that means ALL the sins God has labeled as sins, not what people think are! Unfortunately for those not practicing thosesins, but also not yet redeemed, I really don’t envision that happening any time in the foreseeable future. For those here who are redeemed, we know where we stand, just remember what God did with the Israelites in Egypt before the Exodus.

Lisa Hubbard

Does anyone know this ladies name? I would like to follow her. This is America and this should not be happening. Is this how this new regime gonna treat states that didn’t go blue? So much for unity! I really miss our real President. President Trump we miss you!

Sandra Lee Smith

This is America, and sadly, YES, it should be happening, until and unless we clean up the filth we have allowed to take root and flourish here. In fact, I expect we can count on it to continue in a worsening spiral, as it has been doing for about 20 yrs now, at least since 9/11. Yhwh God is NOT pleased with what we have become as a nation and people. Nor should He be. WE did this to ourselves!

Georg R

ERCOT/Austin/DC Fail


They (Biden/Hairless) are worthless dung and do not care about ANY OF YOU ! When will you learn this? If you don’t, you are all fools and idiots.


The MSM are all over Cruz for a one day trip to Cancun saying he should have stayed home, why? He has no legislative authority, he can’t go to every home in Texas to hand out blankets, he can’t climb the wind turbines and thaw them out. Biden took a “snow day” the same day and Harris fled D.C. for socialist Ca. BOTH of them DO have legislative power to move resources to Texas and help. Did they, NO!

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