Twitter Howls at Gun-Hating Activist David Hogg When He Announced New Board Member For His Pillow Company

And there I was, inventing the pillow while cowering in a linen closet.

Gun control nut David Hogg made an introduction for a new member of the advisory board for his pillow company that he created to compete with Mike Lindell’s MyPillow bedding empire, and many critics jumped in with mockery, ridicule, and a lot of laughs on the social media scene.

On Thursday, Hogg, 20, said that he was going to start a pillow company to give those in the Woke Supremacy of the Left an alternative to Lindell’s MyPillow.  Why?  Because Lindell is a strong supporter of Donald Trump and has spent a lot of money to prove Trump had the 2020 election stolen from him.  Lendell went against the Woke Supremacy and so now idiots like David Hogg feel that it is their obligation to destroy him.  Apparently, the Supremacy tried to cancel the MyPillow CEO but his company is still thriving.  Sometimes with certain people that are being canceled a boycott becomes a buycott.

Please support Mike Lindell and his company and use the code TRUMP2020 for up to 66% off when you do.

Hogg announced his first employee for his pillow company on Monday, LGBTQ (I hope I got all the letters) activist Brandon Wolfe.

“I’m thrilled to announce the addition of Brandon Wolf ( @bjoewolf ) to the Pillow Company’s activist advisory board. Brandon has years of experience in organizing for gun violence prevention, LGBTQ rights and he’s also just an awesome person,” tweeted Hogg.

Wolf is also a survivor of the 2016 attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida by the gay Muslim shooter who went nuts.  Since Hogg brought him on board we do have to ask the question; was he really at the nightclub when the shooting started or was he at home, heard about it,  then he grabbed his camera and ran to the nightclub to jump into the scene?

Since David Hogg is a social media joke of sorts, many of his critics who believe in the Second Amendment took to Twitter to make fun of him for hiring yet another activist for a new venture that is supposed to be built to make a profit and to provide a product to the Woke Supremists all across the country.

Pradheep Shanker a contributor at National Review Online summed it up nicely.

“I honestly believe that if I gave my 10-year-old a little seed money, he would be far more competent at making and selling pillows (or anything else) than Hogg and his band of merry men.”


Writer, blogger, and speaker Matt Walsh asks a good business question.

“Will your pillow business involve, at any point, the sale and manufacture of actual pillows?”

Responding a leftist complaining that conservatives are now mocking people who are trying to start an honest business venture a conservative user replies…

Social media commentator Karlyn Borysenko said, “He doesn’t even have production facility yet….not to mention an actual name other than “pillow company”…..but he has an activist advisory board….. It’s like they really believe they can run a business based entirely on a virtue signal. Let’s see if that works out.”

One user tweeted some unfortunate past tweets by Brandon Wolf that are a bit homophobic if you ask, well, anyone.

“I may not be an industry expert with empirical working knowledge in sleeping products, but I am beginning to wonder about the intense lack of interest in Hogg hiring anyone who knows a damned thing about pillows,” said another user.

Carturd, one of my favorite influencers on Twitter hit Hogg with his usual wit:

“This pretend twitter company is amazing.”

David Hogg became the center of attention after the Stoneman Douglas High School massacre shooting in 2018 when he did his own little video news clip of the events taking place.  It was after that that people started thrusting him to the forefront of every news network as an anti-gun activist who was there during the shooting at the school, only to later find out that he wasn’t at the school when the shooting started.  In his own words, after the fact, he was at home when he heard about the shooting at the school and he then got on his bicycle and rode to the school.  He has been an arrogant little mess ever since and a young man who has no idea what the Second Amendment means yet he wants to take guns away from law-abiding people and doesn’t understand that what he is pushing for will make it so that only criminals have guns.  That’s why people make fun of him constantly.  He was in over his head from the very beginning.  He’s cocky and has memorized all the leftist talking points, but he never argues substance.


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