Twitter Files: Matt Taibbi Claps Back After Dem Calls Him ‘So-Called’ Journalist

It’s no surprise that congressional Democrats are feeling the heat from independent journalists like Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger. During last week’s Twitter Files hearing, House Ranking member Stacey Plaskett (D-VI) made it clear that she was not a fan of independent journalism when she referred to Taibbi and Shellenberger as “so-called journalists.”

Taibbi quickly responded, reminding Plaskett of his list of credentials which includes the National Magazine Award and the I.F. Stone Award for Independent Journalism. He also reminded the committee that he has written 10 books, including four New York Times bestsellers.

In a Racket News Magazine article, Taibbi clapped back at Democrats, calling out their attempts to push their own agenda, and their lack of interest in discussing free speech. The Democrats on the committee also put pressure on Taibbi to reveal his sources.

“Who gave you access to these emails. Who was the individual that gave you permission to access the emails,” Plasket asked Taibbi. She later followed up asking “Did Mr. Musk contact you Mr. Taibbi?”

Taibbi characterized this ordeal as “a bizarre collective display of a whole group of politicians not understanding some pretty basic things about how not to act around journalists.”

It was clear that the Democrats were not prepared for the strong response that Taibbi and other independent journalists gave them. This hearing revealed a lot about the Democratic party’s attitudes towards free speech and independent journalism.

The GOP, on the other hand, is taking a stand against Big Tech censorship and political corruption. Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) referred to the “censorship industrial complex” and highlighted reports that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sought the names of Twitter Files journalists from Elon Musk. “[There’s] this FTC consent decree where it is government action subject to rigorous scrutiny under First Amendment standards, government action demanding that your names be listed.”

Michael Shellenberger echoed Gaetz’s sentiment, calling the FTC’s demands “chilling” and “disturbing.”

“I never thought that would happen in the United States of America,” he added.

It’s clear that the Republican party values free speech and independent journalism, while Democrats seem to be doing their best to stifle it. As Matt Taibbi said in his article, “The Democrats made it clear they were not interested in talking about free speech except as it pertains to Chrissy Teigen.”


It’s time for Democrats to stop trying to silence independent journalists and to start listening to their voices. The GOP is leading the charge to protect our First Amendment rights, and it’s time for Democrats to step up or step the hell off.

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