Tucker Carlson Hints That He And Neil Patel May Be Creating A New Media Venture

The announcement that former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has decided on his next move to take on the political establishment and his former employer, Fox News, is a refreshing development for those who are looking for an alternative to the liberal-controlled media.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Carlson and Neil Patel – a former White House advisor – have joined forces to launch a new media company with hundreds of millions of dollars in funding.

The Wall Street Journal revealed that Tucker has partnered up with Neil Patel to launch a new media company. This endeavor will cost hundreds of millions of dollars which the pair is currently raising.

The Journal noted that this new company would run on subscriptions for longer versions of the free videos Carlson has been posting on Twitter since his unceremonious departure from Fox News.

The Hill reported that people familiar with Tucker’s new project recently met with Twitter to talk about the endeavor. The paper noted the media initiative would feature a website, a mobile app, and possibly air on other platforms beyond Twitter.

Forbes makes one important point: the Journal report does not say when Carlson and Patel’s new media venture will start assuming it successfully gets off the ground. As previously reported, Carlson is reportedly still under contract with Fox News and any content he produces must be exclusive to Fox through December 31, 2024.

This new venture will allow viewers to access longer versions of the free videos Carlson has been posting on Twitter since his unceremonious departure from Fox News.

People will still be able to view shorter clips for free on other platforms such as Twitter. In addition, The Hill reported that people close to the project recently met with Twitter representatives about possibly airing content on their platform.

Considering that launching another media company could greet Fox News with a wave of lawsuits, Tucker’s readiness “to go Def Con 1”  suggests he isn’t afraid of taking risks or challenging powerful institutions like his former employer.

So far, nine episodes of his new show have been aired which have collectively garnered 467 million views – more than what he achieved while at Fox News!

It is reassuring knowing that we can now look forward to an alternative source when watching news or consuming information online and offline without having our views silenced or distorted by one-sided reporting from mainstream media outlets.

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