Tucker Carlson Has His First Interview With Andrew Tate On His New Twitter Show

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When former kick-boxer turned social media protagonist Andrew Tate described his arrest and imprisonment in Romania earlier this year, it shed light on the concerning lack of support from United States diplomatic services.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Tate expressed that the American Embassy was not particularly helpful during his ordeal, adding “I don’t want to peddle conspiracy theories. And I’ve heard a lot of information but, I wouldn’t say they sanctioned it – but something – they weren’t interested in getting me out. They kind of pretended to care. The UK Embassy did not even pretend to care. The UK Embassy I think enjoyed it.”

This statement raises serious questions about why the US embassy would not provide assistance for one of its own citizens abroad when faced with such an extreme circumstance.

It is alarming that there appears to be a disconnect between the American people and their diplomatic representatives at a time like this — especially when other countries are offering more support than our own government is providing their citizens.

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday released his latest Tucker on Twitter video, Episode 9 – The Andrew Tate interview. Tucker flew to Romania to interview Andrew Tate.

The discussion lasted two-and-a-half hours

This incident serves as a reminder that we must hold our diplomatic services accountable for protecting all citizens who may find themselves in precarious situations while traveling abroad.

In addition to these concerns, it also brings into question the efficacy of international relations between the two countries involved — namely the United States and Romania — specifically with regard to how both embassies responded to Tate’s situation.

If both embassies are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of their respective citizens abroad then why were they unable or unwilling to act?

This lack of action fails to demonstrate solidarity across national boundaries and could potentially create mistrust between nations if similar issues arise in future cases involving foreign nationals residing in another country’s jurisdiction without proper protection or recourse available from their home nation’s diplomatic service providers.

At best, this incident highlights negligence on behalf of the US embassy, however, at worst it speaks volumes about how little regard some governments have for their citizens when they are outside of their borders and need assistance most desperately during times of crisis or hardship.

Regardless which end result applies here — gross negligence or intentional disregard — one thing remains certain: We cannot afford to take any chances when our fellow Americans’ lives hang in balance just because they happen to be abroad and unable or unwilling receive help from their homeland’s representatives overseas due to politics, red tape, bureaucratic incompetence or any other reason imaginable.

It is imperative that we learn from this unfortunate event by holding all those responsible accountable for failing Andrew Tate while he was detained overseas so that no other American will have to suffer through similar circumstances ever again while trying to seek aid from either Romania or America without being provided adequate support needed in order ensure safe travels back home again safely and soundly under any circumstances whatsoever regardless of political climate existing among countries involved at any given time period going forward into future – now more than ever before.




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