Trump’s Acceptance to CPAC Crashes Servers, Pence Declines Offer To Speak

By now, everyone has heard that President Donald J. Trump will make an appearance at CPAC next weekend in Orland, Florida. The announcement of his attendance sold out CPAC, and now tickets are gone. That makes it even more curious as to why former Vice President Mike Pence declined an offer to attend.

“Former Vice President Mike Pence has declined an invitation to attend this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, Fox News has learned.

Pence was invited to speak at the annual event but turned it down, according to a source familiar with the event planning,” according to a report by Fox News.

News reports were circulated that members of Pence’s team had said that Pence harbored some “bitterness” toward Trump after the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol building and that he was pouting that new of “danger” at the Capitol on that day was not more concerning to Trump and his supporters.

In unity, the Democrats and establishment Republicans who despise Trump’s America First agenda exploited Pence’s hurt feelings to attack Trump and Americans.

Pence had been reported to be panicking and very upset by people in the US Capitol that day, believing that his life was in danger and that Trump should have come to his rescue, but failed to show the anticipated amount of worry and attention that Pence had wanted.

“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace reported earlier this month that according to Pence’s aides, Trump’s failure to call off the mob and ensure the safety of his loyal second-in-command represented the “ultimate betrayal.”

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Pence, continuing to pout, has sent his staff out to make public media appearances in an attempt to discredit Trump, but that does not seem to be working on the American people, who still adore Trump and don’t really care about Pence at all.

Even if Pence had agreed to attend CPAC, it is unlikely that they would have sold any tickets at all.  Almost Immediately upon the announcement of Trump’s appearance, in contrast, CPAC ran out of tickets.

Peter Navaro, a member of the Trump administration, spoke about the Pence drama on Steve Bannon’s podcast on Saturday, and CNN’s Jake Tapper was outraged at the slight to Pence:

The left is continuing with the narrative fantasy that Trump “almost got Pence killed,” and Pence has done nothing at all to correct that lie, choosing to brood and pout instead.

Navarro exposed Pence’s ties to a group of Never Trumpers who were supporters of open borders policies, the Koch Brothers. According to Navarro, Pence’s own chief of staff, Marc Short, was a part of the anti-MAGA movement.

Navarro posted about the events of an. 6th and placed the blame for the chaos and result on Pence, who, Navarro, refused to demand access to count votes.

“We all know what SHOULD have happened – we would have forced the votes in those six states to be examined and counted under the Constitution. Marc Short was the guy who prevented that,” Navarro wrote.

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Rumor had been circulating from early in Trump’s first administration that Pence had betrayed both Trump and General Mike Flynn and set about a series of actions that would be devastating to America, and seemed to have been started of jealousy and a personal agenda to climb over Trump’s head and be the POTUS.

Pence will not be missed from the MAGA movement.  The Party and the Movement belong to Donald J. Trump.

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Traitor, Pence, will never rise again.


If he knows whats good for him, he’d stay hidden away in Indiana. Sorry Indiana.

Sofie Mor

Pence was always a weakling – he doesn’t have what it takes to be a leader !! It is really scary to see HOW MANY SNAKES had been surrounding our president ready to betray whenever the opportunity arose. My admiration for MY PRESIDENT only gets stronger yet , what he had to overcome on the daily basis to have the most successful and accomplished presidency ever !!!


Yeah!!! They made it personal, now!!! 😡😤😡

harrison burnell

he should have been drawn and quartered and made to be a democrat and live with pelosi


Now, that is too harsh! Living with Pelosi?!!! He did not deserve that!

Keith Brown

Cruel cruel man Mr. Burnell. No one deserves that kind of punishment. Make him be a demonRat, sure. But made to live with that witch? Cruel and unusual punishment.

Jobert Roson

Keith Brown: that is NOT cruel and unusual punishment. He deserves everything he gets.


Perhaps Pence never really existed. Pence could be Jeb! in a mask!

alicia regina cervera

Il give pence the benefit of the doubt, but what IS certain is thaat DONALD J TRUMP OWNS this movement and HE WON ther ELECTION & that wll be PROVEN soon.!

Kikapoo Joyjuice

He betrayed Trump and the American people. He should be banished from MAGAnation forever.



Sandra Lee Smith

Pence was Trump’s GHW Bush, put in to contain the unknown. He sniped at Trump’s agenda the whole term.

Last edited 8 days ago by Sandra Lee Smith

What mob is Chris Wallace talking about??? The only mob I know of (and I don’t know how many of the Antifa and/or BLM people were there and created the terrorists attacks & how much they were paid to do it; that is the only mob I can think of. Some of President Trump’s supporters were there as a friendly protest march; we could hardly be called a mob, Mr. Wallace. So I am assuming you are referring to the paid group (which I think were paid by the Democrats and the Democrat supporters (i.e: CNN and other fake news media people!!!). So, Chris, in the future, please refrain from referring to us as “the mob”. That is hardly the case. I am pretty sure you know that; you just enjoy misleading the public!!! Even though I was not in attendance, I think it was a great idea for as many of President Trump’s supporters as possible to go to DC to march in a peaceful protest to indicate our disdain and dislike for the rigged election (by the democrats!!!). AND, Mr. Chris, that is exactly what we did. The fact that paid mobsters were sent in to create riots that our look like the Trump supporters were behind this is, of course, President Trump supporters would never attack a building, any building, much less the CAPITOL!!! A few may have joined in with your paid terrorists that you all (you know all of you democrats and democrat lovers!!!); AND a few may NOT have joined in. I doubt very much that they did join in. BUT we will never know because no one (certainly no authorities in charge of the Jan 6 electoral college certification) BECAUSE it was planned and paid for by people like you, Chris, (you know a democrat lover!!!) that will do anything, including rigging an election (& having Trump votes switched to biden votes – under the cover of darkness) in order to allow biden to “win” the election. WE ALL KNOW THAT biden DID NOT WIN ANYTHING. Which makes him a fake president-thanks to the Democrat stealers!! We know the attack on Jan 6th was planned & paid by the democrats. So, please do not refer to a bunch of conservative people as “the mob”.


Could u please repeat this in ten words or less?!!!!!



Keith Brown

Of course it was paid by the DemonRats. Why else would the CNN reporter have already been on site at the Capitol with Sullivan first thing? Was she there to cover the election count? Doubt it since no one could get inside the Chambers to see it. Was she there to cover Trump’s speech? Doubt it since he was speaking when they entered the building. Only one answer… was set up.



James G

He knew that, given the opportunity, Trump would have made him squirm and called him out if he was present at cpac.
We better not see any of the rino’s that voted to impeach present at cpac.
I don’t even want to see McConnell rat face there either.

Go Trump!


Betray our President Trump and you can just leave the room. You’re done!

Old Gringo

Let us not forget Donald Trump gave the Republican’s the Presidency…he also gave Republicans the House…he also gave and maintained the Republican majority in the Senate…And what did the Republicans do with their new found power awarded to them by President Trump…They did nothing…instead they devoted their time to the “Never Trumpers” in an effort to curtail Trumps efforts to make America great again…Trump received very little help from key Republican politicians…Trump had to implement and pass vital legislation on his own with no help from Rino Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and the never Trumper gang…The result of these do nothing Republicans cost them to loose everything…Cosequently the Republicans not only lost the Presidency to the Democrats…after two years of doing nothing Republican’s lost the House…and currently you might as well say they have lost the Senate because VP Harris now has the deciding vote in case of a tie…For all of Trump’s efforts to save the GOP the Republican’s blew it all away and look what happened…The Democrats now have the Presidency…the House…and a strong foothold in the Senate..If anyone is at fault in all of this it is the Republican’s who helped the Democrats flip the election…all because of one man Donald Trump an outsider who made em all look like the fools they are.


Old Gringo, you are absolutely right in every aspect of your evaluation of the do-nothing Republican Party, We voted for and elected the best President America has ever had and
they sat on their fat asses and did absolutely nothing. Even though Trump was labeled a
Republican, he was not one of them, the established politicians.. Therefore he was resented by many members of his own party, who may as well have been sitting on the other side of the room, with Demo-witted brothers.

Jobert Roson

Old Gringo: Actually the repubs lost because of sneaky MITCH MCConnell. All he had to do was to make sure the next stimulus check was $2,000 and we’d of won. BUT NO, that would not fit in the NWO agenda, which China Mitch is a member.


Follow the money, they’re either being Blackmailed or on the take




So, do YOU think the DemonRats have reached the “Domestic ENEMIES” level yet?

John McFadden



We all know that it was antifa and b*m that infiltrated and instigated the attack. Yes there may have been some trump supporters that got lured into the fray, but those two groups were the main culprits. The truth will probably never be allowed out


Buck that Fastard!!!!! I wouldn’t whiz on him if he were on fire!!!!


Pence couldn’t attend anyway; he’s incarcerated or worse

Tim Kuehl

Anymore, one doesn’t know what to believe. I just roll with the flow choosing to wait until some proof of the accusation or “fact” is revealed. Same goes here but I must admit Pence’s behavior since January 6 has raised my eyebrows.


the swamp rats slowly float to the surface,the smell gives them away..a strong smell of dead fish and turds….

Gail Davis

Glad to hear Pence declined to speak. Pence is a traitor to the United States! President Trump only wanted to have the “legal votes” recounted again. Pence hid behind his faith and turned his back on 75 million of American citizens and our freedom. He thinks he is running for President in 2024, he shouldn’t waste his time as we 75 million Trumpers as we won’t forget “THE TRAITOR”. The 2020 election was rigged and we Americans lost our freedom to a pervert and a prostitute! Thanks Pence for turning your back on the American citizens!


Pence is no doubt a Swamp creature.👹👹


Pence is a whiny little b and a traitor. Good riddance, and fade into obscurity.


Pence has cut his own political throat. Why should anyone be surprised he thinks he is not welcome at conservative events, or the White House in any form?


Now I see the issue, and still, he could have risen a lion and tone what was provided in the Constituion.

If Dominion could erase any evidence, back out, conceal, destroy what had been done, they are able to declare before the world, that they had no part. That Trump was simply outvoted. The science is against that probability. It will come out.




Hey Pence, do the right thing and kill yourself.

Frank D

Very Sad to see that we grow Traitors here in America!

Frank D

I hope everyone will be circulating the names of those we need to primary out of the Senate and the House!


Don’t ever forget that Mrs.Pence rules Mr. Pence.

Ted R. Weiland


ALERT #1: There will be no true conservatives in attendance.

See blog article “Right, Left, and Center: Who Gets to Decide?” at http colon //www dot constitutionmythbusters dot org/right-left-and-center-who-gets-to-decide/

ALERT #2: Missing in Trump’s speech will be any mention of the only thing that can make America great again – and it ain’t Trump and/or today’s right-leaning liberals, be they Republicans, Constitutionalists, or Libertarians.

America was once great but not for the reason most people believe it was. In fact, quite the opposite – a classic case of Isaiah 5:20, calling evil good and good evil.

Yahweh, God of the Bible, blesses nations (makes them great and prosperous) when they look to Him as their sovereign and thus His moral law as the standard for government and society, per Deuteronomy 4:4-8, 28:1-14, etc. Consequently, America’s greatness was the result of the 17th-century Christian Colonial governments of, by, and for God established upon His unchanging moral law:

Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, 1835: “They [the 17th-century Colonials] exercised the rights of sovereignty; they named their magistrates, concluded peace or declared war, made police regulations, and enacted laws as if their allegiance was due only to God. Nothing can be more curious and, at the same time more instructive, than the legislation of that period; it is there that the solution of the great social problem which the United States now presents to the world is to be found [in perfect fulfillment of Deuteronomy 4:5-8, demonstrating the continuing veracity of Yahweh’s law and its accompanying blessings, per Deuteronomy 28:1-14].

“Amongst these documents we shall notice, as especially characteristic, the code of laws promulgated by the little State of Connecticut in 1650. The legislators of Connecticut begin with the penal laws, and … they borrow their provisions from the text of Holy Writ … copied verbatim from the books of Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy.…” (Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, 2 vols. (New York: NY: The Colonial Press, 1899) vol. 1, pp. 36-37)

On the other hand, Yahweh curses nations who reject His sovereignty and replace His law with their own man-made surrogates. Thus, America began to be cursed (by God’s long suffering only incrementally at first) when the 18th-century founders replaced the 17th-century Colonial governments with their own humanistic government of, by, and for the people based upon capricious Enlightenment traditions. Without repentance for these sins of sedition our complicity therein, it was inevitable that America would find herself teetering on the precipice of moral depravity and destruction.

For more regarding these two polar opposite forms of government, see Chapter 3 “The Preamble: We the People vs. Yahweh” of free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at http colon //www dot bibleversusconstitution dot org/BlvcOnline/biblelaw-constitutionalism-pt3 dot html

Andrew Charlson

I thought a lot of Pence early on and was really excited when he was chosen as VP, but he had the power to turn this election around and he FAILED US! He will never be anyone in the MAGA party!

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