Trump Was Right Again! California Forced To Accept Facts

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During Donald Trump’s presidency, the mainstream news media would attack the president for everything he did or even didn’t do. They attacked him for thoughts, even ones he never mentioned. We have never seen an entire news media go all out the way they did to get Trump. CNN once made a story about how at a dinner Trump got two scoops of ice cream while everyone else got only one.

The thing is, while Trump supporters took the president seriously; the media took him literally. For example, when he talked about disinfectant being used inside the body, the media had a field day claiming the president told people to inject bleach into their bodies which he never said it. He was throwing out ideas about if we could figure out a way to disinfect the human body to combat the coronavirus, but the media ran with the lie instead.

When Trump talked about using light inside the body to kill the coronavirus, the media treated the president as if he were a dunce. The problem is the clowns at CNN didn’t know that until antibiotics got big in this country hospitals did use ultraviolet light inside the body to kill infections.

Or how about the time Trump referred to MS-13 gang members as animals and the media immediately reported that he said all Mexican immigrants are animals?

The media also kept a running tally of Trump’s lies. Of course none of them were actual lies, but to the media anything said that doesn’t fall in line with the Woke Supremacy is a lie.

Here’s an example of a typical Trump lie believed by the mainstream media:

TRUMP: I paid the guy $100.

LIBERAL MEDIA HACK: Yes, but after taxes, he only got $78, therefore Trump lied.

Another example of a Trump lie according to a hateful news media:

TRUMP: I’ve known Ken for a lot of years. He’s the greatest guy in the world.

LIBERAL MEDIA HACK: CNN has done an investigative study, and we discovered Ken is not the greatest guy in the world. It’s some other guy named Eddie. Therefore, Trump lied.

They did the same thing with climate change. Last year, when speaking about the California wildfires that have been a yearly occurrence for quite some time, Trump said that instead of blaming climate change for the fires California needed to step up its forestry management to clear out the undergrowth of forests which would help prevent the deadly and costly fires that consume the state every year.

The Woke Supremacy clergy immediately blew a gasket because their second top religious activity, just under abortion on demand, is spreading the gospel of climate change, and here was the President of the United States undermining their church dogma to the world.

The media and activist groups gaslight you by making it seem like everyone agrees that the wildfires in California are caused by climate change and that Trump was reporting misinformation.

What they cannot answer is if climate change is causing those California wildfires then how come there aren’t crazy wildfires next door in Oregon? Or any other state, for that matter? Does climate change only affect the Golden State’s forests? How come forests in other states aren’t getting hit by the effects of climate change year after year? And how come climate change doesn’t hit California year-round? Does it take a vacation most of the year or is it as lazy as California’s army of the homeless?

They can’t answer the question because anyone with a triple-digit IQ knows that Trump was right, and that there is no evidence, zero, zip, nada that so-called climate change is the cause of the fires.


I used to call the climate change priests watermelons because they are green on the outside and socialist red on the inside. They cannot prove that climate change causes a damn thing as everything they preach is from computer models and not real-world data.

California has always been stupid with its environmental policies. For example, each year when the fires happen they tend to ravage through towns and burn down people’s homes.  In California, they love the tall grasses and at certain times of the year, the grass is dry and that makes it easy to burn when fire moves into it. For a while, Californians did something to protect their homes called raking. Raking is when you clear out all grass surrounding your property 50 yards around, a firewall if you will. It’s pretty much what Trump suggested California do to the underbrush of their forests.

Well, the liberals had a problem with raking around your property because they claimed that the Kangaroo Rat could be harmed when the equipment was brought in to dig the firewall around the homes. The Kangaroo Rat was on the endangered species list and so the brain trust at the state level made it illegal to rake your home. You could be fined up to $50,000 per incident if you got caught. In essence, the state puts more value on a rat than your home property. Rich people were able to afford the fine and so their homes were usually spared, but everyone else had to pray that the fire would move in the opposite direction from their homes.

There are all kinds of things you can do in forestry management to control the fires. Things like controlled burns of specific parts of the forest because wood can’t burn twice. A firewall or controlled burn would cause a fire to die. Clearing the brush from the floor of the forest works miracles because that brush acts as kindling to ignite the trees and helps in the spread of a fire.

Now that Trump is out of office California can implement his ideas without having to give him credit. The state is now employing groups across the state with 12-man crews, and effort costing upwards of $500 million to thin out 33 million acres of the state’s forests doing the controlled burns and clearing the forest floors of natural debris according to a Bloomberg report.

The liberals can take all the credit they want so long as they start doing the right thing. Everyone knew Trump was right, and it’s nice to be able to check off another media lie about the 45th President as another vindication.

I may do some research to find out how many other lies the media concocted about Trump at the expense of other people’s lives, liberty, and property just to make him look bad.




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