Trump Supporter and Mother of Two Fears for Her Life and Her Children’s Safety After Kathy Griffin Doxxes Her Family

A Virginia mother of two has been getting threats after she was doxxed by Kathy Griffin the has been D-list actress. Griffin also claims she turned her into the FBI over the Washington riots even though she never entered the Capitol. Griffin didn’t like the fact that Danielle McCarty, a 43-year old former Democrat,  called her despicable for co9ntinually posting a picture of herself holding the decapitated head of president Trump.

Griffin said McCarthy a terrorist and now her dozens of fans are harassing her. The video Griffin is talking about took place outside where a group had been praying the McCarthy was with. She says at no time did she enter the building. And now she is under a deluge of hate mail on all of her social media outlets. They even slam her for buying her son a bee bee gun. Her life has become a living hell, much like Griffin’s must be since her failed career ended due to her own ignorance.

McCarthy said:

“I was out playing in the snow with my family, came back in from the cold and checked my Instagram and I was flooded with messages, hundreds of messages on each of my accounts, all from her followers saying really disgusting, nasty, mean things. My husband is freaked out. He’s scared for his family. He’s scared he’ll lose his job. We’ve received threats. They’ve doxed me. They know where we live.”

“They all made threats, warning that they’ve reported me to the FBI because I was at the Capitol on Jan. 6. That doesn’t concern me much because I didn’t break any laws. I was there, I never even went into the building. I wasn’t involved in the rioting.  I was there praying. But they are calling me an insurrectionist, a domestic terrorist and telling me that they wish that I would die.”

From The Gateway Pundit

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Daniel McCarty, a 43-year old former Democrat, shot back at Griffin for promoting violence against the president and her world has been turned upside down since.

“The despicable Kathy Griffin is at it again,” McCarty, a former Democrat who recently became a Trump supporter, replied.

Griffin deleted the tweet that angered McCarty, but she and her 2.1 million followers capitalized on the photo depicting Trump’s beheading by targeting McCarty and family.

The D-list actress warned in Jan. 9 tweet that the stay at home mother of two is a “domestic terrorist.”




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Robert ScottKATHY


geriann Hart

Mrs. McCarthy please sue the has-been D-lister Kathy Griffin. Speak to a lawyer A.S.A.P. She deliberately put your family in danger…


Kathy Griffin is more than despicable…..can’t even think of a word bad enough to suit her. She is an ugly, disgusting, has been that has nothing better to do with her life than go after people that don’t agree with her and her demonic ways.


Guess that makes me TERRORIST also????? Multi toured70 y.o. Vietnam Veteran. I could say worse about Kathy Grittin Like,SKANK,SCUMBAG,Piece of SHIT USELESS SACK OF SHIT!!!!!!

Mary Lynn


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