Trump Recruits Newt Gingrich to Create a New ‘Contract with America’

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This is a stroke of genius. That is not to say that every election needs one but when the time is ripe you have to go for it as Gingrich did it once before. I remember 1994 very well. In that year’s election, Republicans had a net pick up of 54 seats in the House and eight in the Senate.

And also, two Democratic Senators switched to the Republican party.

Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama and Ben Nighthorse Campbell switched parties in early 1995. It was one of the biggest wipeouts since the one in 1860 when Abraham Lincoln ran the first time.

For President Trump to ask Newt to write a new Contract With America is pure gold. It will illustrate the differences between the parties in a year that most taxpayers hate the Biden agenda.

But Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is not the one to sell the package because he is too liberal. Jim Jo0rdan is the man to lead this revolution and should be made Speaker of the House for 2023.

Let’s face it even with a landslide election in 2022, Joe Biden still gets to veto the bills they pass. But, that sets up Trump and the Republicans in 2024. Trump will promise the voters that he will sign the bills congress sends him.

Not only will it help Trump, but the entire party will also benefit as long as they get the message out that Trump needs Republicans to keep control of Congress.

Many people don’t realize it but Newt did something else that was a huge reason for the success of the CWA. Once he was installed by Republicans as Speaker of the House and he went against tradition and handpicked the committee chairs.

Before the seats were handed out by seniority. Gingrich didn’t want old RINOs running the show.

From The Blaze

Trump’s vague promises to “Make America Great Again” during his two campaigns for president worked as slogans that rallied his supporters but never translated into a governing agenda for the Republican Party.

The ex-president’s skepticism of free trade, opposition to reforming entitlement programs, and focus on border security and culture war issues was never fully embraced by establishment Republicans.

The result was that the major victories Trump won for his base were accomplished via executive order, and subsequently undone by President Joe Biden.

The Trump presidency secured few major legislative victories. Efforts to keep the Republican Party’s longstanding promise to repeal and replace Obamacare failed miserably, and Trump’s inability to rally legislators around a unified health care plan was a factor in that failure.

Even with Republicans in complete control of Congress from 2016 to 2018, the government spent $2.3 trillion — more than President Obama spent during his first two years in office.




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