Trump Pulls In Huge Numbers Of Supporters In Concord, NH Event

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Yesterday in Concord, New Hampshire, President Trump was welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd of supporters. Hundreds if not thousands of people lined up outside to get a glimpse of America’s most popular president.

When the president stepped out of his SUV, the crowd roared with approval. The sheer number of signs and hats dedicated to President Trump made it clear that he has solidified his place as a political heavyweight in the United States.

In contrast, Joe Biden’s abysmal campaigning has brought him no such support. Despite many attempts to draw crowds, Biden has been largely unsuccessful in getting any real enthusiasm from the public.

On top of this, allegations of election fraud have put into question how much support he really does have amongst American voters.

The Gateway Pundit Reported:

President Trump spoke on Tuesday morning in Concord, New Hampshire at the Federation of Republican Women Lilac Luncheon.

It was another historic speech by America’s favorite president.

When President Trump arrived there were hundreds if not thousands of supporters standing outside to get a glimpse of America’s most popular president.

The crowd roared when President Trump stepped out of his SUV. What a crowd!

President Trump’s popularity among Republican women is also worth noting; during his speech at the Federation of Republican Women Lilac Luncheon on Tuesday morning, he received loud cheers and applause from those attending.

It seems that despite all the false accusations leveled against him by Democratic politicians and media outlets alike, President Trump still enjoys widespread admiration amongst conservative Americans – especially women – who are eager for four more years under his leadership.

The message sent by these events is unmistakable: America loves President Donald J Trump! With such overwhelming public support behind him and little evidence to suggest voter fraud on behalf of Joe Biden or anyone else involved in the presidential race, it seems likely that we will soon be looking forward to another four years under President Trump’s leadership – barring any unexpected surprises between now and election day.




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