FAKE NEWS: Trump Never Said There Was a Terror Attack in Sweden – Liberal Media MADE IT UP (Video)

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As you know on Saturday, President Trump held  rally in Florida after a controversial week in order to set the record straight to many of his followers, urging them to stay motivated in his quest to ‘Make America Great Again’.

During his speech, Trump briefly referenced the chaotic situation in Sweden due to the influx of refugees in their country.

Here is a clip, if you missed it.

Immediately, FAKE NEWS NETWORK, NBC,  as well as CNN and many of the other fake media sources, pounced on the President for his statements during the rally. The network even went as far as publishing an article indicating trump fabricated a ‘terrorist-related incident’ in Sweden.

Here is the title of the NBC article:

‘During Florida Rally, Trump Appears Make Up Terror-Related Incident in Sweden’

Pretty pathetic, right?

Listen to the clip again. TRUMP is spot on when he says they want to twist his words….. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

He was referring to the carnage in Sweden that is happening at epic levels in various ways and had been reported on the previous evening on Fox. It wasn’t a specific attack the night before he was referring to, and that right there is the insane technicality they want to get him on.

How bout the CARNAGE in Sweden due to massive immigration and poor vetting? How bout that? Isn’t that what we should be talking about?

Here is what President Trump actually said, via Twitchy:

And of course, CNN led the attacks against President Trump once again:

Way to run hit pieces on fake news ALL DAY, guys!





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