Trump Calls Gen. Milley A Liar, Shill For Dems. Calls For Him To Resign

Former President Donald Trump issued another diatribe against General Mark Milley, whom he appointed as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, after a report came out that Milley yelled at Trump while he was in office.

Trump appointed Milley in September 2019, and it was reported he yelled at the former Commander-in-Chief in the White House Situation Room in August 2020 when Trump wanted to use the military to put down racial riots going on at the time. The incident is reported in a new book by a Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender.

Bender wrote that Trump seethed at Milley, shouting, “I said you’re in f—ing charge!”

Milley is said to have yelled back at the president, “Well I’m not in charge!”

“You can’t f—ing talk to me like that!” Trump shouted back.

Milley, it is said, then appealed to others who were in the room and then Attorney General William Barr reportedly backed him up.

Trump emphatically denied the account to Axios.

“This is totally fake news. It never ever happened. I’m not a fan of General Milley, but I never had an argument with him and the whole thing is false. He never talked back to me. Michael Bender never asked me about it and it’s totally fake news,” Trump said.

It sounds like Bender wants to sell books. Isn’t it odd how so many liberals who want to sell books add a little tidbit like that in the manuscript that will become the talking point of the book on talk shows when they do the circuit to promote it?

“If General Milley had yelled at me, I would have fired him,” the former Commander-in-Chief added later.

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In a public statement made on Wednesday, Trump repeated his denial of the incident where he rebuked the Joint Chiefs Chairman and called for his resignation.

Trump’s full statement on General Milley:

Gen. Mark Milley’s greatest fear is upsetting the woke mob.

When Black Lives Matter rioters were threatening to destroy Washington, D.C., he practically begged me not to send in the military to stop the riots.

Milley later issued an embarrassing and groveling apology for walking at my side to St. John’s Church, which far-left rioters almost burned to the ground the day before. Instead of denouncing the rioters, he denounced himself—a humiliation for our Military. A year later even the Fake News had to admit that their Lafayette Square narrative was a giant lie. Milley, once again, looked like a fool.

Now, in yet another desperate ploy to impress the Radical Left and keep his job, Milley made-up a false story that he yelled at me in the Situation Room. This is totally Fake News. If he had displayed such disrespect for his Commander-in-Chief I would have fired him immediately.

To further ingratiate himself with Biden, progressive Media, and the Radical Left, Milley went to Congress and actually defended Critical Race Theory being shoved down the throats of our soldiers. This Marxist, racist anti-American propaganda has no place in our Military—I banned these training programs, now Biden and the Pentagon have resumed them. As soon as possible, Congress must defund this racist indoctrination.

Gen. Milley ought to resign, and be replaced with someone who is actually willing to defend our Military from the Leftist Radicals who hate our Country and our Flag.

In the face of Trump’s accusations that the whole incident was made up, Bender told Axios that he stood by his reporting.

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“This exchange was confirmed by multiple senior administration officials during the course of hundreds of hours of interviews with dozens of top Trump World aides for this book,” he said.

I would like to know who the senior officials are who supposedly confirmed the incident and I don’t think Bender will offer them up because I don’t believe him. I think he has a book to sell.

If any of this story has an ounce of truth to it then the real story is General Milley and the Attorney General disobeyed a direct order from the Commander-in-Chief to bring out the National Guard to help quell a violent riot that was taking place in the nation’s Capitol.

As for Milley, I think General Patton would lose a foot in Milley’s rear end and then slap him.

Bender also said he never got a response from Trump when asked for his version of the incident, and he is acting like that corroborates the story. Trump said Bender never asked him about it. I guess that means anyone can write anything so long as the person they are trashing doesn’t respond. But that’s not how it works. Donald Trump spent four years of nonstop attacks by people like Bender. Is he really expected to respond to every hit piece against him? He would have no time to do anything else. The big question no Trump hater will ever ask Bender is “what does General Milley have to say about it?”

The Wall Street Journal reporter was once a senior writer for Bloomberg Politics.

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Christina Robleto

Any general having the nerve to talk to their commander-in-chief like that deserves to be fired. The military does not tolerate that type of behavior & as a top general he should definitely know better than to talk to his superiority that. His being ok with crt is a disturbing trend & can definitely compromise the unity of a well armed military, which is exactly what the marxist want.


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The people who are in charge of America. God All Mighty, Help Us.


That exchange does not sound like Trump at all; he’s much more composed than that; I can’t imagine him yelling “Do f—ing this or that”; it reeks of more Orange Man bad propaganda.

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