Trans-Hysteria: Survivors Group Thinks Being ‘Woke’ Is More Important That Rape Victims’ Safety

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The one place that Sarah thought she could feel safe was her survivor’s group. The young mother survived two sexual assaults, one as a child, and relied on the group to give her a safe place to work through her pain. However, the group apparently feels that it’s more important to be ‘woke’ than provide a safe place for victims to speak.

A rape victim who thought she had found a safe all-female space to help her come to terms with the sexual violence she endured has told how she was left deeply troubled by the arrival of a biologically male trans woman ‘with no obvious female attributes’.

The mother of two joined a survivors’ group seeking support over the rape and childhood abuse that had cast a traumatic shadow over her life.

But she has told The Mail on Sunday how she felt the sanctuary and trust of the sessions were violated by the 6ft newcomer in masculine clothes.”

Charity bosses insisted the trans woman had every right to be there as they allow people to define their gender for themselves, saying: ‘We do not police gender.’

But the mother, Sarah, said she was disturbed and panicked by the presence of someone with such a masculine appearance.

She explained: ‘When I was sexually abused as a child, I was tricked into it by a man. Then I was raped as an adult by a man and felt tricked into it, so I don’t always trust men.’

She added she was left feeling even more uncomfortable after sharing her experience of sexual violence in front of the trans woman, who did not speak about any abuse she [he] may have suffered.”

She said: ‘I thought, ‘How can you let women down so badly?’ You’re supposed to be a service for women who have experienced sexual violence. How can you completely disregard that the main thing about sexual violence is that you feel triggered by males?”

Sarah, and any of the other women in the group, will be forced to either share the intimate details of their attacks in front of a biological male or leave the group. That’s really the only two options the women have since the group has chosen to support gender dysphoric people over women.




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