Trans Activist Openly Sells DRUGS On Social Media And No One Is Stopping Him?

Photo via Pixabay 0OC

Law enforcement has decided to sit on this, I suspect because the criminal here is a famous trans activist. Eli Erlick, a biological male who identifies as transgender, has publicly boasted for over a year about an alleged scheme to distribute prescription drugs to people – even minors – who do not have a prescription.

Chaya Raichik, the owner of the popular social media account Libs of TikTok, first revealed the potentially illegal drug trafficking scandal to her followers in August and has repeatedly attempted to alert authorities.

“Sending lifesaving hormones to those in need is going very well, actually!” Erlick replied on Wednesday when Raichik asked how the “international drug smuggling operation” was going.

“Thanks to your free advertising, we’ve helped dozens more people access meds in the last couple weeks,” Erlick bragged. “Appreciate your gracious support as always, @ChayaRaichik10!”

Several of Erlick’s posts have circulated on social media since their discovery, including an Instagram post from May that detailed the scheme to send prescription hormones to “trans youth” through a “distribution network.”

“There are over 20 states trying to criminalize hormone therapy, particularly for trans youth,” Erlick wrote. “So, my friends and I had an idea: sending out our extra prescriptions around the country. If you need hormones, I’m working with a distribution network to get you access. Everything is free, no questions asked. We have hundreds of doses of testosterone, estradiol, and spironolactone available right now. All are prescribed by doctors and unused. Each package comes with information on dosage, obtaining bloodwork, etc.”


“Realistically, I can ship anywhere in North America,” Erlick wrote in a comment on the Instagram post from May.

Just so we’re clear, it is 100% a federal CRIME to ship drugs through the mail. Internationally? I am shocked that law enforcement has just sat on this one.

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