Top Cabinet Official Warned Chuck Todd about Biden’s Health Two Years Ago

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MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd recently disclosed that a high-ranking cabinet member confided in him two years ago, stating that President Joe Biden was not fit to run for president again.

Todd shared this information during a discussion with senior political columnist Jonathan Martin of Politico on his podcast, the “Chuck ToddCast.”

‘This is one of those classic open secrets.’

“I’m not gonna out the cabinet secretary. But I had a cabinet secretary two years ago, OK, two years ago, out of the blue ask me, ‘Do you really think he’s gonna, he can’t run again, like this?'” said Todd.

“And I said, ‘Well you have more interaction with him than I do,’ and they said, ‘I don’t have a lot of interaction with him,'” he continued.

“This is a pretty senior cabinet secretary, and this was two years ago,” he emphasized again. “This is one of those, classic open secrets, a nonversation, right? It’s the story everyone knows, and everybody was afraid to talk about.”

He went on to support the media by stating that its excellence depends on the honesty of the sources who are committed to avoiding deception.

‘The entire narrative on Joe Biden is going to change.’

In a later part of the podcast, Todd acknowledged that the disclosures about Biden’s state were negatively impacting his standing and historical significance.

“Everything I have learned, it has made me want to rethink a lot of the Biden biography. I still can’t believe he ran for president in the first place, given that his family was in crisis in 2018,” said Todd.

“You look at what has happened, I can’t believe he has put his family through this,” he added. “And now, looking at his behavior now, in clinging to this, I think the entire narrative on Joe Biden is gonna change, in that everything’s always been about his ambition and his ambition comes first.”

Martin said that the outcome hinges on whether Biden emerges victorious or is defeated.

The Biden campaign’s prospects have deteriorated following the debacle at the initial presidential debate on CNN.

There is a growing chorus of calls for Biden to resign, and polls indicate that he has seen a decline in support while Trump gains an edge with just months left until the November election.

‘I’m gonna vote for the dead guy, but I’m really angry with him.’

Todd mentioned on the podcast that Biden’s candidacy could have a negative impact on down-ballot races in states such as California. He stated that he had received feedback from frustrated Biden supporters who expressed their intention to “vote for the dead guy” but were deeply dissatisfied with him. This sentiment, according to Todd, could result in decreased voter turnout and potential seat losses for Democrats.

Yet, Todd also expressed optimism for the Democratic party, suggesting that despite Biden’s poor debate performance, Trump’s failure to fulfill his campaign promises could still lead to his defeat in the election.

“It’s not that Trump got a bump, it’s that Biden lost support. Trump hasn’t gained all that much,” Todd noted.

Todd has faced heavy criticism and backlash from the left over the years for not effectively supporting Democrats. Some have gone as far as calling for his dismissal, accusing him of having a biased toward the right.

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