Tom Emmer Removes His Hat From The Ring In Bid For Speakership

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Tom Emmer, House Majority Whip, has declared that he will not make a bid for Speaker as the House Republicans are gradually unifying behind Jim Jordan, the Republican conference nominee for Speaker from the Judiciary Committee of Ohio. The Speakership dispute is now in its third week.

“Whip Emmer has no plans to run for Speaker,” Team Emmer Executive Director Michael McAdams told Breitbart News on Friday night. “Whip Emmer spoke to Congressman Jordan directly this AM and told him he was supporting him. We have been in touch with his team all day in support.”

Emmer’s team has ruled out a Speakership run after Jordan secured the GOP conference nomination for Speaker of the House on Friday, despite some media outlets speculating that Emmer was possibly aiming for the position.

Emmer’s top adviser has made a statement on record that Emmer will not be pursuing the speakership, thus opening up the opportunity for Jordan.

The new Emmer statement has been gaining attention due to the ongoing strife it has caused within the House. Reports of leaks and false media attacks from various sources have only added fuel to the fire, with no foreseeable resolution in sight. With limited options for those who were not supporting Jordan, Emmer’s declaration that he will not be seeking the Speakership position is becoming an increasingly important factor.

Jordan was nominated for a position in a ballot where he ran against Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA). In the initial vote, Jordan won 124 votes to Scott’s 81. When Jordan became the conference nominee for the position, members were asked on a secret ballot if they would support him on the floor. This time, Jordan won 152 votes to 55.

Jordan needs 217 votes to win the Speakership. Despite concerns that he may be short of this number, tensions are still high among allies of House Majority Leader Steve Scalise. Scalise was initially voted in as Speaker-designate earlier in the week, but withdrew on Thursday night when it became clear he couldn’t reach 217 votes due to the two vacancies in the chamber. It is expected that members of the conference will return next week with a clearer sense of the situation.

There is speculation that this process may take longer than anticipated for Jordan, as the obstacles in his way are difficult to overcome. However, many people think it will be much simpler for him compared to others due to his favorability among conservative hardliners. The opposition he faces seems to stem from the chaotic two weeks that House Republicans have experienced.

After losing to Jordan in the race on Friday, Scott has become one of Jordan’s most prominent supporters. He has made it obvious that he is working to get Jordan elected as Speaker of the House and is making calls on his behalf.

Since winning the nomination on Friday, former Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been aiding Jordan’s ascension by formally endorsing him and calling members to support Jordan for the role of Judiciary Committee chairman. McCarthy is confident that after allowing members time to relax with their families and constituents over the weekend, Jordan will be able to secure the necessary 217 votes.

Despite some ideological disagreements expressed by moderates, Jordan’s team has used him as a unifying force for the conference. Rep. Dusty Johnson (R-SD) was among those who nominated him for the gavel and he is empowering members from different ideologies in order to secure votes. Additionally, Jordan is known as an effective fundraiser and has promised to support GOP members in the upcoming election which will be difficult due to redistricting litigation that is currently underway.

Moreover, Jordan’s rapport with conservatives can prove advantageous for the conference since he may be better able to persuade the right-wing on crucial legislation for governing, especially considering that a government funding deadline is only a month away. Nevertheless, convincing 62 more Republicans to vote in his favor during Friday’s conference ballot will be a difficult task. Nonetheless, some previously doubtful members have stated they would wait and see what happens over the weekend.

If Jordan is elected, Republicans will be able to return their attention to their agenda and the upcoming government funding deadline of Nov. 17. A vote for Jordan from moderate Republicans in the House would bring a sense of stability that has been lacking in recent weeks, increasing the chances of policy successes and preventing a government shutdown.




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