This Is Why the Democrats are So Afraid of a Valid Audit in Arizona

It was unbelievable that Joe Biden did so well in Arizona considering the fact that he and Kamala Harris appeared at a campaign event in which they were unable to attract two dozen supporters. Between Labor Day and Election Day President Trump had 1.1 million people show up for his rallies while Joe Biden had less than 2,000. Yet, miraculously Biden got 81 million votes? You gotta be kidding me.

From The Gateway Pundit

While President Trump is bringing in record numbers to his rallies, Biden can’t buy an audience. In 2016 Hillary Clinton brought in musicians to increase attendance at her rallies. But Biden couldn’t even do that.

President Trump crushed Biden. He had more events even with his 10-day COVID quarantine in mid-October. Plus the President saw more than 560 times the number of supporters as Biden. (Candidate Trump had nine times the number of supporters at his rallies when compared to Crooked Hillary in 2016.)

So, what are the Democrats most afraid of? They are afraid that the people will see that the emperor is wearing no clothes. Not just in Arizona but throughout the swing states.

If Biden falls in Arizona, it will be easier to audit other states, and once enough states fall, even SCOTUS will not be able to ignore it. I’m just not convinced they would overturn the election. This current court has been a huge disappointment.

In 2016, President Trump drew nine times more people than Hillary, and in 2020 Trump drew over 500 times more people than Joe Biden, yet we are to believe he was the first Democrat to win Maricopa County in 72 years since Harry Truman pulled it off. The numbers just don’t seem to work out no matter how you add them up.

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From The Gateway Pundit


The total number of votes in Arizona in 2016 between Trump and Hillary was 2,413,568.  There were a total number of votes between Trump and Biden of 3,333,829 votes.  The number of votes increased in the state by 920,261 or nearly a million more votes.  This was an increase of nearly 40% from 2016.

But somehow Biden, who couldn’t pay someone to come to his rally in Arizona, increased the number of votes over Hillary by 500,000 votes in the state or 44% more votes than Hillary.  This would suggest that thousands of more people were excited about Joe Biden in Arizona when compared to Hillary Clinton. 

There is simply no evidence to support this.

In Maricopa County, Biden won nearly 50% more votes than Hillary Clinton.  Biden increased the number of votes from 2016 by 48%.  What information supports this?  Again, he couldn’t fill a parking lot less than a month before the audit.

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Ima Enyurphase

Even low IQ liberals know the election was stolen.And the elites think they can “pull the wool over our eyes”.Think again swamp creatures! Telling the same lie over and over again to make it true isn’t working this time.The math and the facts tell it all-TRUMP WON BIG !But the corruption of our government and the fake news media AND big tech allowed our votes to be cancelled and install an ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT of THEIR choosing.And I hope once all the fraud is brought out our Supreme Court will have a shred of decency and rule on the matter.Then biden and co-conspiritore harris should be removed from office AND charged with TREASON.


Won’t make to the US Supreme because Chief Justice John Roberts is compromised ! Why do you think the US Supreme Court refused to hear the Texas case against the Swing states with 17 Attorneys Generals backing the Taxes suit . Regardless of what people say that each justice on the US Supreme has Autonomy and make rulings for themselves , they defer to the Chief Justice of the US Supreme in any final ruling .

Gail Davis

John Roberts is part of the swamp. Someone has got to him. I believe he is part of
the Epstein’s Lolita Express! The only one that I see for America is Judge Clarence Thomas. The rest seem to not care about our country and anything looking after our freedom!


the Den of Corruption is the swamp. REAL men from freedom loving states need to secede


You know its pretty damn funny that the justices keep telling us that they judge by the law and not politics. BULL SHIT and us with an IQ know it’s BULL SHIT!!!


they can pull the wool, steal, cheat, break the law, have people killed and lie because Amerika is totally evil, corrupt, rigged and full of cowards with a 2nd amendment. Even the French people that ride mo-peds have more guts and power than we do. They will continue till we become “We the People” again


They know that we know what happened; but they don’t care. They think they are armored against the truth. They bknow there isn’t much we can do about it.

Last edited 12 days ago by Linda

freakin Robbery


Everyone KNOWS it was DISHONEST — even the “victors”. It’s rather instructive to hear them chortle their little ‘victory’ laughs — like little children when adults aren’t supposed to be listening. Of course they will do EVERYTHING in their power to “prevent” a review — they KNOW they will be discovered/convicted before the Nation. Sic transit gloria mundi.


They’re not just afraid of this. They’re afraid of the American people. That’s why they keep BLM and Antifa alive; they use those groups to protect there own butts.

It’s only a matter of time……..


Once the Truth comes out into full LIGHT antifa and blm are going to be running like scared little children because if they get in the way of what needs to be done, IE PUBLIC HANGINGS then they will get the same thing. The Patriots have let them run rough shod long enough and they will pay the price when the gloves come off. The USA is not going to let communist little liberal asshats run around destroying any more property. They will get cleaned up along with the Deep State. The alphabet groups know who they are.


I still say That if some group with long range rifles was to shoot anyone destroying property, A lot of this BLM and Antifa bull shit would stop!!!


BLM/Antifa are in training as the Enforcers for the Democrat Socialist party. When enough police forces are defunded, demoralized and quit the Dems will declare a law enforcement emergency and install BLM/Antifa as the arm of socialist enforcement. Burning, looting and beatings are their methods. “Burn it Down” is their mantra.


US Constitutional law must be enforced if We The People are to remain a free and Constitutional Republic . A candidate for US President cannot win an election by stealing it !


Let truth and justice prevail.


Personally I will never believe that Biden won fairly. It’s very obvious and yet many on both sides just let it go and believed what the media told them. They are pulling the wool down over your face as my grandmother used to say! Trump is the true President!


Did you hear that Mike Lindell suied fox for not letting him on to show to prove voter fraud?


had a dude try telling me joe won legitimately, I never laughed so hard in my life, I said, where the hell were you when the dems broke every law they could to change the rules without the leagal authority to do so, tat alone should have been enough to reverse this farce but alas, the republicans were in on it as well, I will be shocked if we find out what really happened anytime soon, maybe someone will let it slip in 20 years but I doubt this happens before that.


had a dude try telling me joe won legitimately, I never laughed so hard in my life, I said, where the hell were you when the dems broke every law they could to change the rules without the leagal authority to do so, tat alone should have been enough to reverse this farce but alas, the republicans were in on it as well, I will be shocked if we find out what really happened anytime soon, maybe someone will let it slip in 20 years but I doubt this happens before that.


Biden’s information he publicly announced this newly organized and largest voter fraud organization ever in America,they know it was rigged and it will totally destroy the Criminal Democrat party


The whole 2020 election stinks. I said months before the election that Democrats would take measures to assure their victory. Democrats convinced themselves they were cheated in 2000 and again in 2016. They were going to make sure they won in 2020.


Watch “The Great Hack” on Netflix…this started long ago…

Mark Gravitte

Crooked DemonRAT bastards.


From what I’m reading it won’t make a difference. The majority of the Supreme Court has sold out the US to the Communist now! It seems they have no clue as to what happens to traitors!


Anyone who reads a Bible knows what’s going on — Revelation 17:17  For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled. The word of God is that Satan will rule the world before Jesus returns and that is what is happening now!


The Demonrats and SCOTUS are so positive that Ole Joe won, that the Demonrats sent 37 attorneys to Arizona stop the recount and they’re just getting started. It’s obvious to everyone that the election was stolen and it should be just as obvious that the 2020 elections will end up the same. The Demonrats don’t have to pack the In Supreme Court, they’ve already been bought.

Chris Wolf

It’s nice to see a journalist exposing the miracle of mathematics it would have taken for Joe Biden to win. I’ve been harping this since day one. Even when the truth is revealed to the public, the corrupt justice department will not move to change the results. Why? They are all nazi democRATs. If the military doesn’t intervene, we don’t have a prayer. The swamp has too much money, and with that money comes power.


anyone thinking ol joe won anything besides an orange jumpsuit are beyond delusional and probably more likely criminal..


It means people who did not show up in Joe Biden’s rallies were very SMART by protecting themselves from COVID exposure in the crowd. They don’t need convincing to vote for the better person for president – Joe Biden!

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