Badass Song One Redneck Posted Online About Barack Obama Is Driving The Internet Wild, You’re Going To Love This!


One pissed off American redneck decided to write a song about Barack Obama. But he didn’t think it would BLOW UP like it did. This guy’s song is being shared across the internet by the second and it isn’t difficult to see why. The man has talent!

VIA| Many people are taking a liking to writing songs involving politics, sharing their beliefs with laughs and a catchy tune. But this one, well, it should be Obama’s anthem.

Jamie Jones, the “pissed off redneck,” absolutely knocked it out of the park and obliterated Obama with this little ditty…

My favorite line is: “Mr. Stick-Head Politician, I got some news for you. If you want to come and try to take my gun, son, you better be bulletproof.”

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