Tired of Thieves Stealing His Deliveries, Man Creates “The Blank Box” to Scare Them Away [Hilarious Video]

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Every year, over 11 million package thefts occur in the United States.  Jaireme Barrow of Tacoma, Washington took matters into his own hands and made The Blank Box.

The product started as a personal endeavor.  Barrow was sick and tired of thieves stealing, so he used a little creativity.  Barrow designed a little box that uses 12-gauge shotgun shells.  The box is a non-lethal box of boom that is sure to scare many thieves away.

Basically, the creator removed the projectile from the shotgun shell.  It sounds like a shotgun firing, which is twice as loud as a chainsaw, but does none of the damage.  He set his trap outside his home with the message “Package is armed”.

You’d think this would stop the thieves, right?  Not a chance.  The video below is going viral.

While the boom isn’t that loud in the video, it’s enough to deter the thief and make him collapse onto the ground.

And if you think that’s the only thief that attempted to steal the package, think again.  Here, a woman gets out of her car.  When she hears the package goes off, she screams and flees.

Hopefully, these thieves think twice before doing this again.

And now, the blank box is available for everyone.  If you want to deter thieves, the website can be found here.  As the site explanation says:

 If you put this device out the day you are scheduled to get a delivery and someone decides to help themselves to your package, you better believe they will drop everything and run. You get to keep your package along with some priceless video (Camera not included).

In the end, my mission is to keep people honest, and if they do attempt to steal your package, they’ll be running away empty-handed, IF you have TheBlankBox.

Will you be buying one?  Let us know in the comments below.




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