’60 Minutes’ Camera Crew Viciously Attacked By Refugees In An Attempt To Prove They Are Peaceful

Liberals question our ‘morals’ and wonder why we don’t want these so called ‘refugees’ here in America. By giving into them, we have creating a monster so large it is nearly impossible to tame.

60 Minutes learned a lesson of a lifetime when they went on a quest to prove refugees should be welcomed with open arms.

Unfortunately for them, it instead served as a showcase for violence and intolerance from Muslims.

Face it. They do not like us. They just want what we have but do not want to mingle and obey our laws.

Watch as the ’60 minutes’ crew finally reveals what they have tried so hard to ignore!

VIA| A 60 Minutes crew flew out to Sweden to get to the bottom of the howling impact Muslim refugees from places like Syria and Somalia have had on the area. They were able to interview a young man who was struggling to fit into his adopted country. He was trying his best to assimilate.

Unfortunately, there were many others showcased that had very different outlooks, and choose instead to attack the 60 Minutes crew.


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