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‘The View’ Demands Garland ‘Investigate’ Fox News, Classic Washout

The liberal media, Democrats, and their allies in the mainstream media are notorious for spreading disinformation and pushing their political agenda. One of the most recent examples of this can be seen in the controversy surrounding Fox News host Tucker Carlson airing footage of the Capitol riot.

The left is in shit deep with the newly released footage and their recent ‘discovery’ of text messages from Fox News employees is simply their attempt to wash out the real story.

Let’s think for a moment, maybe everyone at Fox secretly hated Trump— I don’t care. The government working to control the narrative around what really happened on January 6th? That’s a big damn deal.

No comparison…

The hosts of “The View” called for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to “look through a whole bunch of stuff” at Fox News. Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer of New York then demanded that Fox News Chairman Rupert Murdoch stop Carlson from airing further footage of the riot.

This is the same Schumer who hypocritically supports the Black Lives Matter movement, yet accuses a news network of spreading disinformation. What’s worse is that the liberal media and Democrats have been quick to spin the narrative and accuse Fox News of inciting insurrection.

In reality, Carlson was only providing viewers with the truth. He was given access to over 41,000 hours of video footage of the riot, which was previously thought to only total 14,000 hours.

This is just another example of liberals and the media attempting to control the narrative and protect the Democrats from any and all criticism. But the truth is that if the liberal media and their allies are going to accuse Fox News of disseminating false information, then they should also be held responsible for their own hypocrisy and lies.

The liberal media and Democrats have been trying to sell the narrative of an insurrection for months, but the truth of the matter is that it was not an insurrection. Carlson’s footage demolishes the narrative that’s been pushed by the Jan. 6 select committee created by then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Later in the show, Baher claims she has a lot in common with Carlson. This has nothing to do with their observed demands I just felt compelled to add it because it’s so painfully awkward and weird.

The liberal media and Democrats are always quick to spread disinformation and push their political agenda, and the Tucker Carlson controversy is just another example of this. The media should be held accountable for their lies and hypocrisy, and they should not be allowed to get away with their attempts to control the narrative and protect the Democrats from any and all criticism.

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