The Mighty Have Fallen, Andrew Cuomo’s Bullying and Incompetence Exposed

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Andrew Cuomo is a guy that only Woke Supremacists could love.  He’s an arrogant incompetent with power, power he obtained through the name recognition of his father.  This was the same man who as the HUD secretary for the Bill Clinton administration responded to bank presidents who complained and warned of economic disaster over the administration forcing banks to make knowingly risky mortgages to people the industry’s application process deemed not able to pay the loans back by telling them to put the bad mortgage applicants through the subprime process, which he later accused the banks of doing after the 2008 Housing market crash that was arguably caused by the exacerbations of quotas for making really bad loans.  In short, once a scumbag always a scumbag.

We reported when former Deputy Secretary for Economic Development and Special Advisor to Governor Cuomo spanning from March 2015 until October 2018, Lindsey Boylan dropped a bombshell allegation that the New York governor sexually harassed her for years and that it got so bad she would feel sick when she got to work each day and it caused her to finally quit her job.

Yes, @NYGovCuomo sexually harassed me for years. Many saw it, and watched.

I could never anticipate what to expect: would I be grilled on my work (which was very good) or harassed about my looks. Or would it be both in the same conversation? This was the way for years.”

After talking to her family about her ordeal, her mother said that Andrew Cuomo was a “sexist pig,” and warned her daughter to stay clear of him.

So now he can add “serial predator” to his abysmal record as both Republicans and Democrats have started calling for his resignation or that he be impeached.  Democrat state senators have already called for having his emergency powers stripped.

After Melissa DeRosa, a top aide to the governor, spilled the beans on a conference call with other Democrat leaders around the state that the administration hid the true numbers of COVID-19 deaths from nursing homes, the calls for Cuomo to go only grew.

For his fall from grace, you could almost feel sorry for him except that he is one of the most arrogant and obnoxious jerks you’ve ever had to sit and listen to.  The fact that he won an Emmy award for his coronavirus press briefings when the whole time he was an incompetent fraud sullied the reputation of the award reminiscent of when the Nobel committee destroyed its public worth after giving Barack Obama a Nobel Peace Prize before he ever did anything, and then he went on to get us involved in more military skirmishes than his predecessor George W Bush.

I don’t know what is more catastrophic, Cuomo’s acting like a bully, his incompetence, or the fact that high-ranking Democrats across the state knew this all along and said nothing until now.

It doesn’t help their cause when they openly admit it as city Public Advocate Jumaane Williams did on Wednesday when she trashed Cuomo at an anti-Cuomo rally.

“This is who he has always been long before the pandemic . . . It is finally exposing who we knew this governor was all along, from pay-to-play with real estate to pay-to-play with nursing-home owners, to ducking accountability, to passing blame to everyone but himself, to bullying tactics.”

We reported when Assemblyman Ron Kim told the story of receiving a phone call from the governor at night when he was bathing his children to threaten to “destroy” him if he didn’t help obstruct the political firestorm hitting the Cuomo administration’s cover-up of nursing home residents COVID-19 deaths.  He tried to force the lawmaker to write a statement to dilute the fallout of DeRosa’s admission that the administration covered up the nursing home deaths data.

“Everyone in New York politics knows he has been abusive for a long time,” Kim told Bloomberg TV, “to his staff, elected officials, even journalists.”

Then where were you this whole time, Kim?  Why did you not say anything until now?  How come no one in the media has ever asked him that question?

It’s because they all had something in common with Cuomo: their hatred for Donald Trump.  Cuomo did a huge reversal on recognition of the help that Trump provided for New York, first praising the former president for all that he did to make sure the state received everything they needed to combat the coronavirus, and then, inexplicably, he did a complete 180 turn around and started bashing Trump, claiming the exact opposite for many of the bullet items he once praised the Trump administration for accomplishing previously.

Cuomo had praises heaped upon him for how wonderful he was during the pandemic.  Joe Biden referred to the New York governor as the “gold standard” for leadership, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she was a big fan of the three-term governor, and much more praise came from Democrats and some Republicans as well as he was silently killing at least 10,000 helpless seniors with his forcing nursing homes to take in COVID-19 positive patients.

In reality, they all knew all along that he was fully unprepared to handle the coronavirus pandemic.  Reports came out that the Cuomo administration hadn’t replenished ventilators when they were depleted and this arrogant man insulted President Trump claiming the federal government didn’t “give” him enough of them, even though it was known that several years prior to the pandemic the state had 16,000 fewer ventilators than the 18,000 they needed in case a severe pandemic came along.  At that point, the state could have decided to purchase more ventilators to bring them back to the standard that hospitals would need, but instead, the health commissioner, Howard Zucker, created a task force for rationing the ventilators they already had.  That means they wanted to use the money to purchase ventilators somewhere else.  But it was perfectly fine to blame Donald Trump for New York’s lack of ventilators.

Cumo made some extremely stupid decisions at the start of the pandemic, like when he kept the subway system running but cut down the number of trains, hoping that would nudge workers to either find other modes of transportation or stay home from work during the crisis.  Instead, most New Yorkers continued going to work via the trains, and thanks to the Cuomo-imposed shortage of trains the riders were packed in like sardines and that made it much easier to spread the virus.

It’s almost as if Cuomo spent the whole pandemic blaming other people for his own screw ups, like when he recently shifted blame for the thousands of deaths due to his decision to force COVID patients into nursing homes on the nursing home staff themselves, arrogantly claiming that coronavirus didn’t get into the nursing homes by the COVID-positive patients he sent to them, but by the staffers who worked there.  It was an unbelievable attempt to skirt responsibility.

Talking about skirting responsibility, Cuomo even wrote a book about how great he handled the coronavirus pandemic before the coronavirus pandemic ended.  It was as if he wanted to get a jump on what he knew would be a barrage of complaints and criticisms over his ineptitude throughout the whole ordeal.  Everything he did was political, including turning New Yorkers against taking the COVID vaccine simply because it was created through the efforts of the Trump administration removing government red tape to allow the private sector to get it done in record time.

This man was a disaster for New Yorkers yet the mainstream news media loved him because they were able to use him to discredit Trump and blame the former president for every COVID death, which was the whole point from the perspective of the Democratic Party from the very beginning.  They hammered every death into the minds of Americans to harm his reelection chances.

I don’t normally relish watching someone’s life fall apart, which is much worse than an ordinary fall from grace, but in this case, I hope Cuomo gets everything he deserves because he’s not a nice person in any sense and he hurt an awful lot of families by putting politics over the concerns of his fellow New Yorkers.




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