The FBI Knew The Shooter, And Americans Are Being Punished By The FBI

Many Americans are frustrated over the latest mass shooting, which is being used as cover for punishing gun grabs by the Democrats.  People are angry, especially after discovering that the FBI was aware of the most current shooter, although he wasn’t on the FBI’s radar.

National security agency found Boulder shooter only used basic methods like Tor and commercial VPNs while planning attacks, but was not on FBI radar due to low prioritization under Wray, per WH official,” Jack Posebic, a reporter for One American News reported. 

In fact, the FBI knew about so many of the shooters who have high profile mass shootings over the years that it raises questions about what the FBI are really doing.

Trump supporters are keenly aware of the investigations into people who are political opponents of the left.

The FBI knew in advance the identity of Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa. And the Pulse Nightclub shooter. San Bernardino terrorists. Boston Marathon Bombers. Garland Texas shooters. Parkland High School shooter. Fort Hood shooter. Never has one entity known so much and done so little,” one Twitter poster wrote.

“The 21-year-old Arvada man arrested in Monday’s mass shooting at a Boulder King Sooper’s was violent, short-tempered, and paranoid during high school, his former classmates said Tuesday.


Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa is suspected of killing 10 people at the grocery store Monday when he walked in around 2:30 p.m. and began shooting, according to law enforcement. He was taken into custody about an hour later with a gunshot wound in his leg.

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Alissa was hospitalized for treatment and is expected to be transported to the Boulder County Jail Tuesday to face 10 counts of first-degree murder.

One classmate of his said, “He would talk about him being Muslim and how if anybody tried anything, he would file a hate crime and say they were making it up,” Marvel said. “It was a crazy deal. I know he was a pretty cool kid until something made him mad, and then whatever made him mad, he went over the edge — way too far.”

“He was always talking about (how) people were looking at him, and there was no one ever where he was pointing people out,” Hernandez said. “We always thought he was messing around with us or something.”

In 2017, Alissa, then 18, attacked a classmate at Arvada West High School, according to an affidavit filed in the case. He punched the classmate in the head without warning, and when the boy fell to the ground, Alissa continued to punch him. The classmate suffered bruises and cuts to his head, according to the affidavit.

Witnesses told police they didn’t see or hear any reason for Alissa to attack the classmate. Alissa told officers that the classmate “had made fun of him and called him racial names weeks earlier,” according to the affidavit.

He was convicted of misdemeanor assault in 2018 and was sentenced to probation and 48 hours of community service, according to court records.

MANY troubling patterns in the BOULDER COLORADO Shopping Center Mass Murder. THE SHOOTER was an avid reader of @washingtonpost; he ENJOYED its Anti-Trump coverage. The @FBI must INVESTIGATE the potential HATE SPEECH from the POST, and their potential culpability in the Violence,” Greg Kelly, host of Newsmax show, wrote.

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Don’t forget that Americans are being investigated by the FBI for numerous events, so will the shooter be as well?

Is it possible the FBI didn’t pay attention to him because hating supporters of Trump’s isn’t a “hate crime”?

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The FBI is not ‘monitoring’ these terrorists. The FBI is ‘managing’ them!

Sharon Arrington

This thug attacked a fellow classmate, and received a pat on the hand. Killing 10 people, with no hesitation, shows he should never be allowed freedom again. Actually, the only way to keep him from doing more harm, is execution.

Dennis Karoleski

Muslim Ahmad Al-Issa, a Trump Hating Paranoid Islamic Radical who pledged himself to ISIS before driving his Toyota RAV4 over 60 miles to a particular King Sooper’s grocery store located at 3600 Table Mesa Drive catering to the Jewish Community with Kosher Foods and a Kosher Bakery in Boulder, Colorado. There on the eve of Passover he committed his cold-blooded massacre of unarmed shoppers. Significantly, in typical Islamic terrorist fashion he targeted the women, murdering 7 of them while also murdering 3 men he perceived posed a threat to him. Facebooks self-appointed keeper of all community standards safe for us lesser humans to see, Mark Zuckerberg, immediately removed Ahmad Al-Issa’s Trump hating rants and Paranoid Radical Islamic posts for his usual progressive liberal reasons. Now the media and government is in full “ban the gun” mode while claiming poor Ahmad Al-Issa was not acting politically at all (actually a hating religious zealot) but just mentally disturbed. Nothing to see here folks, move on. I wonder if a blood test would show slightly wounded Ahmad Al-Issa had anti-depressants in his system as so many other mass shooters have proven to have during their murderous actions. Will we ever know or is that “privileged medical information” while all the media continue to wring their collective hands wondering what his motive could possibly have been? Simply amazing how these oh-so-conveniently timed shootings seem to pop up right on schedule right when a big Democratic Party gun ban push is being worked up.

Captain Kublai

Dennis K., yours is an excellent, perceptive post. That is the way the bulk of the fifth estate should have reported this horrid attack on American soil. Instead, they have devolved into a bribeable propaganda machine to credulous fools. Whereof be the end to this onslaught of grinning politicized pharisees and the sheep they mulct ?

Liberty One News
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