The Dam Breaks: 4 More States To Audit 2020 Election

Syndicated Via National File| JACK HADFIELD|

Delegates from Georgia, Alaska, Colorado and Nevada have all toured the floor of the Maricopa County forensic audit in Arizona this week, suggesting further audits potentially coming across the country.

As the forensic audit of the 2020 election results from Arizona’s Maricopa County is currently taking place, delegates from all across the country are flocking to observe the enormous effort that is currently taking place in the Veterans Memorial Coliseum. As National File reported, the first state to send people to observe the audit was Pennsylvania, with Doug Mastriano, the pro-Trump Pennsylvania state senator, joining two other Pennsylvania lawmakers, Representative Rob Kauffman and Senator Cris Dush. “This audit is so secure, transparent and organized that other states want to duplicate the process,” Mastriano said at the time.

Up next were Nevada, whose delegates joined the audit floor on Monday, led by NVGOP Chair Mike McDonald,swiftly followed by Georgia on Tuesday. Reports from last week had already confirmed that Georgia were sending delegates, with Nevada being more of an unexpected arrival to those not in the know. John Fredricks told Steve Bannon last week that the Georgia delegation would be led by Vernon Jones, joined by State Senator Brandon Beach and Burt Jones, who may be running for Lieutenant Governor of the state.

Former Arizona State Representative Anthony Kern, a staunch supporter of President Trump who attended many “Stop the Steal” rallies after the November election, tweeted that along with the reported Georgia arrivals, delegates from Alaska and Colorado were also touring the Maricopa audit floor on Tuesday. “4 down and 46 states to go! Results coming soon,” Kern said.


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This seemed to confirm initial reports from Monday, when OANN reporter Christina Bobb told the network that she expected to see “more states” than just the then-upcoming Georgia delegation out on the audit floor this week. National File reported last month that Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers had toured the audit floor, and was able to dispel a number of myths regarding what exactly was taking place in Maricopa County:

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Rogers was able to describe the procedures on the floor of the audit, confirming that security was taken incredibly seriously by the volunteers and organizers. Tally sheets and ballots were only allowed to be moved if there were three things present, that being people, papers, and cameras. Contrary to the claims of Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, the data collection system used by CyFIR was “read only,” and couldn’t change any votes, with everything at the site also being videoed, Rogers said.

A retired USAF pilot who is serving as a volunteer for the audit also informed her that the chain of custody procedures for the ballots “are as precise and flawless as Strategic Air Command’s.” He further slammed Hobbs, saying it was “laughable” that she claimed the machines were compromised when she initially claimed that they were unhackable.

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New York, ohio ,Illinois, California should jump on and be audited but a new election would cheaper and easier….


and who is going to stop the Biden camp from stealing it again—we all know deep down he didnt win and everyday he is living proof he cant / wont control the stealers — hell he cant even give a speech without losing it

Shirley Storey

Biden can’t give a speech because he is Obama’s puppet.


Ped O Joe can’t give a speech because he’s riding the dementia train and if his handlers weren’t there he’d derail for sure

art cross

the early investigation indicates trump won ca lets get it on for a full audit in ca and we wont have to waste time and millions of dollars for additional audits trump won the 5 states in question then trump the rightful legal president trump can take office

Alan T Power

It’s about time. There is no way biden won. He and his confederates are going to ruin our country. I only hope the supreme court has the back bone to do the right thing.


At this point I hope our Military has the backbone to do the right thing. This wasn’t just ‘voter fraud’ it was an outright TREASON on every American citizen!


He’s only 5 months in and he and the Unamerican shitbag democrats are trying to rip up the constitution and care nothing about the American people


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Daniel Ayars

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RockyMtn 1776

No one needs 100 lawyers to celebrate a victory !


Only if that 100 lawyers helped steal the election and that they are worried they would get caught which is my guess


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Jeanne Black

Please let this bring about a change and get our President back in the White House before that thieving pedophile destroys our country!

mark Foster

This is the solution to validating our election process, the proof is in the pudding?
Both sides should be for any process to regain the American public’s trust in our election process whatever the results are! If I was a Democrat I would want a fair and honest election process!!!

Bruce Baker

It was Obvious the week after vote counting began in November 2020… Fraud… Massive Voting Fraud! But, we who suspected, we who used logic and common sense were blocked from pursuing an obvious fraud installation of a meat puppet Joey Biden into the White House? Now, seven months later, almost eight months later, we find actual forensic evidence, actual back-doors in the voting machines? Let us be honest, THIS WAS THE PLAN ALL ALONG! We got conned, fooled, bamboozled, and the thousands of Democrat Lawyers will fight tooth and nail to keep us from Deposing the Nazi Democrat Government that is dragging the USA kicking and screaming towards the new Socialist USA permanently run by Crooked Democrats? Are you better off today with Biden and Dems running the USA like they did under 8 years of Obama/ Biden, or were you better off the first three years of President Trump who built up the USA so that prosperous economy spilled over into the first year of crooked Biden who helps foreign Nations who seem to continue paying the Crooked Biden Family today like they did under 8 years of Obama/ Biden? Yeah, it ain’t rocket science, but you do need to PAY ATTENTION to news you can get SENT TO YOUR EMAIL. No kidding…. Avoid the mass Brainwashing of Facebook or Twitter… get news sent to your email, eh?

Mark Gravitte

Hell, they need to audit every state in our republic. I received more votes than corrupt, senile, demented, child molesting, hair sniffing, coke snorting, depraved, China loving obiden and I was a write in. President Trump will have to nix everything China obiden has fraudulently put into place and that’s everything. Those devil worshipping DemonRATS are like vultures, they go from host to host devouring it’s flesh. They are useless. God bless America.

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