Donald Trump Makes A Shocking Announcement That Every American Needs To Hear, You’re All Going To Love This…


Donald Trump has proven to be a true patriot over the last few months, and really won over the hearts of hundreds of thousands of Americans. His Newest YUGE move is getting people excited and PROUD to be an AMERICAN! Check this out!

VIA| In explaining how the president-elect will distance himself from his massive company, one of his lawyers, Shari Dillon, explained that the “Emoluments Clause” in the Constitution doesn’t mean one can’t pay for a hotel room.

And even so, the “Emoluments Clause” doesn’t apply to the President.

“Paying for a hotel room is not a gift or a present, and it has nothing with office. It’s not an emolument.” This all refers to the Trump hotel in the old post office building in DC, where foreign governments have scheduled big events, perhaps to curry favor with the incoming president.

But since Trump owns hotels and other real estate around the world, Trump will go further:

“He is going to voluntarily donate all profits from foreign governments made to his hotels to the United States treasury,” Dillon says.

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